Mara Maionchi positive at Covid: her husband Alberto Salerno explains how she is

Mara Maionchi

Mara Maionchi was discharged from the hospital after being hospitalized for Covid: her husband Alberto Salerno speaks

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

After Mara Maionchi's hospitalization for Coronavirus, her husband Alberto Salerno reveals how she is. A few days ago a message appeared on the presenter's Instagram profile. “The hospitalized Mara: a slide! – had written his staff – […] Dear all. Thanks for the wonderful messages, the Mara is calm and in good hands! A masked hug ". After a long silence, Mara's husband updated everyone about her health conditions. In fact, Maionchi has been discharged from the hospital and is better.

“Mara has received many messages of affection – Salerno said -, both on her mobile phone and here. I can only act as an intermediary, thanks you and hugs everyone from the sofa at home ”. Mara Maionchi is only the latest VIP who has found himself dealing with the Coronavirus. Before the record, Federica Pellegrini, on the jury with her at Italia's Got Talent, had also announced on Instagram that she had tested positive. Among the conductors also affected Gerry Scotti, who claimed to have discovered it shortly before the recordings of Tu Sì Que Vales.

“I am quite well – he explained – and the first thing I want to say is that I want to be really close to those who are sick with Covid right now. Strength and courage, do not give up. To show you how close I am to you, I took it too. Unfortunately, I fear that sooner or later we will all have to do it, even if we all think that it will never happen to us ”.

The presenter admitted that he had no idea how the infection took place as he has always been very careful to comply with safety regulations. “I was very strict – revealed Scotti -. In the family we are on the verge of paranoid. I don't see friends and I don't even see my son. I did the swab because on Monday I would have had to go to Rome by train to record 'Tu Si Que Vales' and of course we have to stay checked, so on Saturday morning I swab and I tested positive […] If there was no Covid I would have thought to a flu: my bones are broken, I have a little fever, a headache and a little cough. I would say I'm lucky. If I do it like this, Covid is definitely bearable […] However, I don't give up – he concluded -. I register from home and I repeat to everyone: prudence for those who do not have Covid and courage for those who have it ".

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