Mara Venier and Francesca Fialdini, the serene returns: the clarifying meeting

Mara Venier and Francesca Fialdini, the serene returns: the clarifying meeting

After the tense climate that characterized their relationship, the serene would return between Mara Venier and Francesca Fialdini

The ladies of Rai 2021-2022: from Mara Venier to Antonella Clerici

For some time there was talk of a climate made up of tensions and dislikes between Mara Venier and Francesca Fialdini, confirmed (at least in part) a few days ago by the presenter of Domenica In. There has never been any quarrel between the two faces of Rai, but a series of gestures that have found fertile ground for discontent and hostility.

On the occasion of the presentation conference of the broadcast, Venier, regarding the resentment that seems to exist between the two, said: “I will not answer because I do not like controversy. The controversies are made by the others towards me. I don’t like controversy. I’m just talking about my job ”.

That the relations between the two presenters were not idyllic is something known for some time: interviewed some time ago by Che Tv Che Fa, Fialdini had launched a dig at her colleague, underlining the fact that Venier never announced her program Da noi … freewheeling, which airs shortly after Domenica In. With great frankness the presenter admitted that she had no explanation for this choice: “I have not the faintest idea. But I just don’t know. What do I have to tell you. I’ll stay on the bales. I met her twice: once in the studio, once in the schedules. So not even to say that I did something to her “.

Confirming a certain tension between Fialdini and Venier, a curtain that had not escaped the most attentive observers: during the 13th edition of the Biagio Agnes Award – International Journalism and Information Award, the presenter of Domenica In had left the stage thus avoiding meeting the colleague. Nothing spectacular, but Mara’s gesture – who took advantage of the departure of a guest to leave the awarding of the Fialdini award to Alberto Matano, co-host of the evening – fueled the rumors of disagreements between the two.

Now, however, things would have changed, so much so that there would have been a clarifying meeting between the two conductors. According to what reported by TvBlog Mara Venier and Francesca Fialdini would have granted a respite: the women apparently met in the corridors of the Fabrizio Frizzi studios in Rome during the rehearsals of their respective broadcasts.

The two would greet each other and talk about the start of their programs in a very cordial way, to end their chat with a sweet hug. After the controversy of the last period has been archived, the two presenters are ready to restart – with a decidedly more serene atmosphere than in the past – the new season on TV.

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