Mara Venier at the restoration, on Instagram reveals the secret of hair. And triumphs at Domenica In


Mara Venier shows herself at the restoration and shares the secret of her perfect hair on Instagram. And at "Domenica In" he beats all records

Mara Venier surpasses herself and her Domenica In sets the audience record, even beating the excellent results of last year. While the presenter triumphs on TV, on Instagram she reveals the secret of her perfect hairstyle. But let's proceed in order.

The episode of Domenica In on October 25 marks a new record in terms of share, reaching 16.5% share, with 3.038.000 million spectators glued to the small screen. Better than Zia Mara is only the press conference of Giuseppe Conte, but it is obvious that the comparison does not hold up.

So, once again Venier takes home the best result of the Sunday afternoon in terms of public. Aunt Mara knows how to interest her fans and in the living room of Domenica In invites Ezio Greggio who never fails to throw a dig at Barbara D’Urso, while the presenter goes wild and dances with Gabbani. After all, we know how much Mara loves to dance: the private ballet for her husband Nicola Carraro, shared on Instagram, is a blast.

But not only that, Venier knows how to excite and is moved in remembering her close friend, Gianni Dei, who died on Monday 19 October due to an illness. The presenter, who in the previous episode of Domenica In had managed to send him a last farewell, could not hold back her tears in thinking of him.

Despite the growing ratings and the more than positive results, Zia Mara seems determined to leave the conduct of the program at the end of this season. After three years of success, the presenter wants to say goodbye to the show because, as she said in an interview with Oggi, she promised it to her husband Nicola Carraro. And he reiterated his intention also to Fabio Fazio, guest at Che tempo che fa.

But in the meantime, for the next few months, Venier continues to successfully entertain the public on TV, so she has plenty of time to change her mind… While on Instagram she reveals the behind the scenes of Domenica In or rather the secret of her perfect hair. With her usual irony, Mara shares the moment of the “Sunday restoration” in the Instagram Stories. So here she is sitting in the dressing room with sunglasses and a mask while she entrusts herself to the skilled hands of Marco Gentile who proceeds to comb her long blond hair, complete with curlers and a round brush. And when Zia Mara talks about restoration, the hair stylist immediately corrects it: "But what restoration".

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