Mara Venier chooses Maria De Filippi: she will be the super guest of Domenica In

Mara Venier chooses Maria De Filippi: she will be the super guest of Domenica In

Mara Venier and Maria De Filippi return side by side: the hostess will interview her friend during the fifth episode of Domenica In

Mara Venier, the 69 years of the queen of tv (who never gives up)

Maria Venier and Maria De Filippi will return to entertain viewers together, even if only for one day: the host of Domenica In, in fact, will host her colleague in the next episode and will dedicate part of her broadcast to her to interview her.

An extremely awaited moment for the fans of the two. Venier and De Filippi, who have been friends for a long time, will therefore meet again in the fifth episode of Domenica In. The two presenters, both true Queens of Italian television, have managed to overcome every hypothetical limit imposed by the competition. The interview, there is no doubt, will be based on the mutual trust they have in each other.

Mara, on the other hand, owes a lot to De Filippi. It was the latter, in fact, who gave her a space in her television programs before she returned, in great style, to the guide of Domenica In. More precisely, the two worked side by side on Tu Si Que Vales, the show hosted by Belen Rodriguez, for three years. And, even if Venier's place on the show is now occupied by Sabrina Ferilli, the relationship with her friend and colleague Maria has never changed. For this reason, both of them strongly wanted to create a public moment of sharing.

Maria De Filippi, however, will not be Venier's only guest. The hostess will also welcome Luca Argentero into the studio, who has recently become the father of little Nina Speranza, born from her relationship with Cristina Marino. A positive period for the actor, who is about to return to TV with the successful fiction DOC – In your hands and which will open to the presenter to tell the joys of fatherhood and his career success.

Then there will also be Alberto Matano, who recently received a new attack from Lorella Cuccarini, and Renzo Arbore. Furthermore, a space will be dedicated, as always, to Milly Carlucci's program Dancing with the Stars. To speak will be the protagonists of the show, who will reveal their feelings and their opinion on their performances.

In short, Venier has managed, once again, to unleash a real ace in the hole: the interview with Maria De Filippi, there is no doubt, will be a great success. What will the two tell each other?

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