Mara Venier, fear behind the door: the joke of the grandson on Instagram is a hoot

Mara Venier, paura dietro la porta: lo scherzo del nipotino su Instagram è uno spasso

Mara Venier returns home from Domenica In and her grandson Claudietto with grandfather Nicola Carraro organizes a treacherous trick for her

Mara Venier returns home after the episode of Domenica In but a frightening surprise awaits her behind the door: Claudietto, with the complicity of grandfather Nicola Carraro, organizes a creepy trick to scare her. And the video on Instagram is a blast.

Aunt Mara, or rather in this case Nonna Mara, is the victim of another video betraying her husband Nicola who, with her nephew, scores a very funny blow against the presenter. Venier opens the door of the house and little Iaio, as Claudietto is nicknamed, yells "boooooo", well hidden. Mara is frightened and repeatedly shouts "What a fear, what a fear" …

A really funny and very tender skit that the presenter comments on Instagram as follows: "On my return from Sunday in" grandfather and Iaio "they have fun playing a trick on me … 😍😍😍😍😍". Her husband Nicola replies: "We still find the spirit to smile every now and then".

The video goes viral immediately. Many write to Zia Mara on her social profile. Nunzia De Girolamo tells her: “I surpass !!! Just think that gea still today at the age of 8 enjoys doing it to her father ”. Everyone loves this clip: "There is nothing more beautiful than the spontaneous laughter of a child, enjoy your wonderful grandson. And congratulations again for the wonderful interviews yesterday". Everyone finds little Iaio very tender, son of Paolo Capponi, second son of Venier, born from the relationship with the actor Pier Paolo Capponi, of whom Mara and Nicola are very fond. Venier also has another older grandson, Giulio, son of Elisabetta Ferracini, with whom she has a very strong bond.

But little Claudietto is irresistible and his joke cheers many of the presenter's followers. There are those who want to share situations in their life: "Happiness! The real one ❤ How nice to be able to go home and find all this! For work I am away from my daughters and my grandson ". And those who find love, however, also want to congratulate Zia Mara for the successful interviews with Domenica In, especially the one with Tiziano Ferro. “A love😍…. Dear Mara yesterday with Tiziano you cheered me up on Sunday, you are a special person, I have followed you for many years…. The lady of TV ”.

Mara Venier is the queen of Sunday, every episode is a success. And on November 15, Domenica In also reached share peaks of 18.4%, gluing 3,268,000 spectators to the small screen.

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