Mara Venier, new record on Sunday In. And conquers Instagram with the video in a wheelchair

Mara Venier, nuovo record a Domenica In. E conquista Instagram col video in sedia a rotelle

Mara Venier triumphs on Sunday in which the most viewed broadcast is confirmed. While on Instagram the video of her husband Nicola Carraro is a success

Mara Venier does not stop, even with her foot broken, and sets a new record on Domenica In. Her husband, Nicola Carraro, helps her with a wheelchair to reach the Rai studios. She overcomes the pain and triumphs.

But let's proceed in order. The season of Domenica In is now running out. The last episode should be on June 28th. Mara promises a final with a bang, but in the meantime she collects yet another success. Thanks to the interview with Eleonora Daniele who confirms Venier as godmother of her daughter Carlotta, the broadcast obtains 22.11% share, reaching almost 3 million viewers (tip of 2 million 975 thousand, to be precise).

Domenica In once again gets the most viewed transmission crown of the day time. And the merit is almost all of Zia Mara who, despite the fracture in her foot and the brace shown on Instagram, overcame the pain and created a show with bows.

The success of Domenica In audience also silences the controversies born from some jokes by Tiberio Timperi and Gianni Ippoliti during an episode of Unomattina in Famiglia that made fun of the presenter's injury. Monica Setta intervened to defend her. While Venier, after an outburst via social media, preferred to delete the post.

Once the poison arrows have been archived, Zia Mara can count on the support of the fans and on the affection of Nicola Carraro. Just before going on the broadcast, her husband shared a video on Instagram that portrays her in a wheelchair while she is going to Rai, revealing the mood of the presenter before going live.

He asks her, "Where are you going?" and she: "Let's go to Domenica In". Around the salon and then the tender greeting. Venier then, however, ironically reproaches her Nicola: "As usual you don't make a fuss, you only make the films". And he: "Yes love".

But in the commentary on the video, the emoticon with the halo of endurance appears: "Departure for Sunday in, good mood 😇😇😇".

At this point Venier replies with the most beautiful statement: "How I love you @ provo2000 ❤️". And among the followers there are those who confirm: "you could not find the best husband !! And he best wife could not find her .. I didn't know your husband until three months ago .., with forced imprisonment I learned to know him and he is a splendid person .. a real gentleman .. in the morning as soon as I open my eyes I go on instagram to read the topic of the day .. .. there are many topics I hope will remain and will not abandon us .. maybe the month of vacation .. I understand it .. but if you leave us I would feel sorry ".

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