Mara Venier, news from Domenica In (and frecciatina alla D’Urso)

Mara Venier, news from Domenica In (and frecciatina alla D’Urso)

Mara Venier anticipates something about Domenica In's new season and sends a message to rival D'Urso

Mara Venier is preparing for a new season on Domenica In, aiming to repeat the great success of last year of RaiUno's Sunday container.

Aunt Mara is ready to return to Italian homes from Sunday 15 September, and the new year promises to be full of surprises. To anticipate more than one is the same lady of Sunday, in an interview with the weekly magazine Gente in which she appears more charged and happy than ever to throw herself back into her work after a summer dedicated to relaxation, to her family and Nicola Carraro, her husband who it is always next to it.

"Nicola often asks me if I'm crazy for accepting all these things," Venier reveals, "but in the end he knows that working galvanizes me. He is my number one fan and he is my accomplice. He knows I can handle it. "

Working galvanizes her, especially when the listeners reward her style, welcoming and informal, so loved by her viewers. It is precisely because of the great results achieved in terms of share that Venier has decided to change little or nothing the winning formula of its Domenica In, even if, some news will be there.

What should we therefore expect to see this year on Sunday afternoons on Rai Uno?

Obviously there will be interviews with the many guests who will go to visit Zia Mara, interviews in which Venier manages to always put at ease the interlocutor who often opens up telling new episodes that fascinate the public.

"Also this year there will be guests, many friends who come back willingly, artists who trust me and let themselves be interviewed, giving stories and anecdotes with generosity." Confirms Mara Venier, also revealing the secret of her amusing interviews: "La night before I meet them I read, I study, I try to know everything that concerns them. Then, however, when we are sitting facing each other, I let the conversations take spontaneous paths, without scripts, a chat made up of empathy and truth, able to excite or amuse the speaker and the listener. Me included".

Long-awaited guest of the first episode, as happened last year, will be Romina Power, a special friend that Mara wants back at the beginning of the season, a bit for good luck, a little for the immense affection that the Italian public has for the singer ex wife of Al Bano.

One of the few new features will be the steady presence of the nice Orietta Berti, with whom Mara says she has a special feeling:

"We have been friends for many years, we are crazy, she overwhelms me with her joy".

In short, the formula that wins is not changed, although someone tried to propose a change in the timetable for the new Domenica In. Mara Venier's response was dry and seems like a direct arrow to the main competitor on Sunday afternoon: Barbara D'Urso, also in the starting blocks for the new season on Sunday Live: "Domenica In liked so much last year that I don't want to change the layout. "Says Mara Venier," They asked me to extend it, but I preferred to keep the same hours, guaranteeing a high level live broadcast. "

As if to say that it is not quantity that makes quality and that, not always a constant presence in video brings the desired results if on the other hand the professionalism and sympathy of Venier comes into play. We will see, between the two "litigants" who will win the scepter of "queen of Sunday television" this year.

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