Mara Venier on Instagram: ballet for her husband is a blast

Mara Venier tries to seduce her husband Nicola Carraro to the rhythm of music but he doesn't really queue. The result is hilarious

Prove seduction for Mara Venier who in the Instagram Stories shows how she entertains her husband, Nicola Carraro, before dinner. But the effect of the ballet is not what was hoped for.

Aunt Mara shares hilarious stories on Instagram. She and her husband are in their splendid Roman home. Guests are waiting for dinner, everything is ready. The presenter frames the elegant table set for four: white plates, silver cutlery, lighted candles. And while waiting for the guests to arrive, Venier does a ballet for her Nicola, with whom she recently celebrated the anniversary of their first meeting. In fact, the two met on September 19, 2000, and then married on June 28, 2006.

The bond and love between Venier and Carraro is getting stronger. And so while waiting for dinner, Zia Mara entertains him by dedicating him a ballet to the notes of a super romantic song that she adores – as she reveals. This is Six Page Letter sung by John Lee Hooker. The presenter gets involved in the music, dances and winks amused, then bursts out laughing. And the reason she tells us herself, indeed she shows us.

In fact, she moves the camera to frame her husband who is comfortably seated on the sofa while he is trying to watch the news. Mara comments: “I do a ballet for my husband, but I don't really want to spin”. And he laughs. At that point, the presenter, still dancing, takes up some corners of her house, focusing on some photos, a portrait of her some time ago, the kiss between her and her husband on the wedding day … And then off to the terrace to frame the roofs of Rome under the night sky with bright moon.

After all this romanticism, the music changes and Nicola Carraro also unleashes himself in a sort of ballet, while in the background Mara sneers. All this while waiting to see Venier again on Domenica In where the arrival, as a guest, of Maria De Filippi is being prepared. The Venetian presenter has in fact repeatedly recalled how Queen Mary helped her in a moment of professional difficulty, calling her a Tu si que vales. And this gesture is unforgettable for her.

Venier fans are thrilled with the idea. And someone comments on his Instagram profile: “This is what comes out of a humble but very famous person. The good received should never be forgotten, even more done with the heart, is knowing how to communicate it in addition to the direct interest also to an infinite listening audience ".

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