Mara Venier presents her nephew Giulio to the world, the love of her life

Mara Venier

"I'm crazy about my grandchildren": Mara Venier tells of the special relationship with Giulio who turned 18. But he also adores little Claudio

Mara Venier, 70 years of love and career

Mara Venier proud grandmother introduces everyone to her grandson Giulio, who has come of age: at the stroke of midnight on 13 December she turned 18. And in a double interview, grandmother and granddaughter tell about their special bond.

Venier confides in Gente magazine: “It strikes me to see him so big, so tall, one meter and 88: he is becoming a man. Time has really flown. I saw Giulio be born, I was in the delivery room with my daughter Elisabetta and, if possible, I was more excited than her. When he came into the world he was identical to me: he had my round face ”.

Giulio is the son of Elisabetta Ferracini, eldest daughter of the presenter who continues with a hint of pride: "Growing up has become beautiful. And he has many other qualities: he is a good and affectionate boy ”. But even Giulio is a lucky grandson to have Mara as his grandmother because she is certainly not a “traditional” grandmother: “I've never been a traditional grandmother, me. On the contrary, when Giulio was younger and maybe I always saw him in books, doing homework, I used to say to him: “Come on, don't always study, take a break, go have fun”. He looked at me and smiled. There has always been great complicity between the two of us ".

Giulio confirms: “It's true, we have a special relationship. The beauty of being with her is that you can talk to her about everything and she can give you an answer about everything. And then, despite having always been very busy with work, a moment to see me, be together, listen to me always finds it. For her, the family is in first place ”.

Therefore, it is a special bond that unites them so much that Venier defines Giulio as "the love of my life", even if he also dotes on the other grandson, Claudio, called Iaio, son of Paolo Capponi, second son of the presenter. He is still small and loves to play trucks and toy cars and enjoys scaring Grandma Mara when he comes home after Domenica In.

If Giulio has always been calm and judicious, Claudietto is more unleashed, as the presenter tells to Gente: “[Giulio] even as a child he was a really calm child. Unlike his cousin Iaio who is very lively. He loves superheroes, he always wants to fight and gives you incredible punches because he wants to be like the Hulk ”. But in the end, Mara is "crazy about her grandchildren" and "when I see Giulio and the little one together, my heart opens up, as happened this summer when we were on vacation in Forte dei Marmi. Maybe I have always had a soft spot for children and I hoped that both times they were boys, so much so that today I say it openly: I'm crazy about my grandchildren ".

On Mara Venier's Instagram profile, the interview is a success and many rush to compliment her: "Congratulations Mara, your nephew is a really nice boy, you must be proud of him". "What a fine and beautiful boy", "All his grandmother", "Beautiful looks like you".

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