Mara Venier redeems herself with Domenica In: "At 60 I felt humiliated"

Mara Venier redeems herself with Domenica In: "At 60 I felt humiliated"

Mara Venier reveals guests and details of the next season on Domenica In. And she doesn't forget when Maria De Filippi helped her

Mara Venier, her unforgettable summer waiting for the return of Domenica In

Mara Venier with Domenica In took back her revenge on those who had decreed her professional demise: “I was 60 years old, a void was created around me”.

Aunt Mara, in a long interview with Corriere della Sera, tells about her television rebirth, anticipates some news for the next season of Domenica In and above all thanks Maria De Filippi who in the dark moment of her life extended her a hand calling her to Tu si que vales.

Venier recalls how she was liquidated by the then RAI director, Leone, and does not hide her disappointment: "I was very disappointed then. I believe that every director has the right to change conductors, make choices … but there is a way and a way. My bitterness arose from the fact that I was treated with little respect, I felt humiliated by the way in which the director Leone had liquidated me ”. And he continues: “I did not suffer from not having a program: I have always given priority to my life beyond my work. But my ways had embittered me. From that moment on, the void was created around me and, if that were not enough, my mother was very ill: that was the real pain ”.

Then she remembers how in the period in which she was put aside the phone was silent, but at a certain point it rang and on the other side of the phone was Maria De Filippi: "She held out her hand to me in a terrible moment. I'll never forget it. We don't feel so much but I really love her: working when I was experiencing that excruciating pain was oxygen for my mom. I had to stay for an episode of Tu si que vales, I stayed for three years. And I really miss that working group ”.

Aunt Mara would like Queen Mary among the guests of her Domenica In, indeed last year he invited her but something went wrong: "Last year he had to come but then Rai stopped it, I never quite understood who had decided, nor how or why. Maria was upset and I even more, but I do not despair and I hope that she can come now, I would like so much ".

The return to Domenica In was completely random: “For me it was unthinkable to go back. Then one day on the train by chance I find myself sitting next to Orpheus who says to me: what are you waiting for to go home? I thought it was a joke, a week later he and Teodoli offered me Domenica In ”. And before answering, Venier says, he phoned Maria. It is for her that she is now there, in fact De Filippi advised her not to miss the opportunity.

Waiting to see Costanzo's wife appear in the Rai studios, Zia Mara has already revealed the guests of the first episode of Domenica In, next September 13: they will be Romina Power and Loretta Goggi, with whom she had concluded last season, sparking controversy for the hug to Romina. Favino will also be there. And the novelties announced so much in recent months, Venier is clear: "The idea was to change the formula, but the last edition had an unthinkable success, the public's affection was such that I understood that we were on the right path. . Compared to usual, there will be even more topicality and I would like to reflect on one particular fact, the most significant of the week ”.

Before her return to TV, Mara Venier enchanted Instagram with a costume photo from 10 years ago. And at her side is her husband Nicola Carraro, her first fan.

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