Mara Venier, show at the supermarket on Instagram: "A shot of life"

Mara Venier

The Lady of the TV is euphoric while shopping in her favorite supermarket

“A shot of life”, this is the expense of Mara Venier, who thus wanted to testify to the shopping at the supermarket that she conducts every day. The Lady of the TV does not hide the joy of being in the aisles of her favorite shop, in which she has also befriended the numerous orders.

Driving a trolley that seems to have wings instead of wheels, Zia happily wanders around the aisles of the gastronomy department, where she chooses the best raw materials for the dishes she offers to her family. As is known, the Rai presenter is a lover of good food and an excellent cook.

Mara Venier's traveling show is favored by the sympathy of the orders, who call her to say hello and inform her about the upcoming products. Once again, it is his spontaneity that wins over everything, the one he also shows off to ask for an account of the absence of bresaola at the counter: "Don't you have it anymore? – asks the staff – No, Mara. It has to arrive ”.

The video posted on Instagram has already hoarded comments. In fact, there are many who follow his every step also on social networks, in which he gives moments of everyday life that fill his fans with gratitude. A trivial reason, that of a little crazy shopping, to fill the days of the public who cannot wait until Sunday to enjoy his sympathy.

Among the many moments of Mara Venier's life, there is no lack of dedications to her beloved grandchildren, who are part of her heart and of her existence. On the occasion of the last holidays, he accompanied a photo with them: "My Easter Monday with my grandchildren Giulio and Iaio … And then I ate everything: appetizer, salami, mozzarella, baked pasta, chicken curry, casatiello a gogò, pastiera, dove, strawberries, ice cream … What have you eaten? "

Mara Venier found her smile again thanks to the family and the birth of her grandson Claudio. Tried by the death of her mother, the Venetian presenter had gone through a period of crisis both on a personal and professional level, then resolved with the help of the deep love of the little "Iaio".

A beloved face of the small screen for years, he will be at the helm of the next season of the Rai1 container again for an edition: "I could say no to everything but not to Domenica In".

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