Mara Venier strikes: she wins the Sympathy Award. And on Instagram Pamela Prati appears

Mara Venier strikes: she wins the Sympathy Award. And on Instagram Pamela Prati appears

Although her future on Domenica In is uncertain, Mara Venier triumphs and receives the Simpatia Award at the Capitol. Even Prati compliments her

Mara Venier wins the "Sympathy Award" on the Capitol and the video ends on her Instagram profile.

This time it's not a treacherous clip that her husband Nicola Carraro enjoyed to publish on social media. Instead, this is an important recognition that comes to the presenter immediately after successfully completing the experience on Sunday In. Aunt Mara went to pick it up in person in an absolutely exceptional way. She showed up in a white trouser suit, sneaker and of course with a big smile.

At the AGI he commented:

I'm glad it's a nice recognition. I generally never go to collect prizes, but for this I made an exception. I am now Roman, I live my Venice less and less, so I am honored to receive this recognition. It is a prize that I have followed for many years, I always read all the names of those who won it and I thought but why don't they still give it to me? Then this year has come. I'm very happy.

A real triumph that Venier shares with her followers. Thousands of hearts arrived on Instagram, including VIP friends like Alessia Marcuzzi. Someone comments:

The D'urso Muta

In reality, Barbarella speaks a lot. In Live-Non è D’Urso deals almost exclusively with Pamela Prati. And speaking of Prati, tick his "like" on the social page of Zia Mara. Fans of the Venetian presenter are amazed and rush to write:

@pamelaprati Mara yes she is a great host! Nice and transparent … we would have to learn from her! Great @mara_venier and many compliments for your prize! We will miss you on Sunday

A lack that could last well beyond the summer. In fact, despite the excellent results obtained by the presenter with Domenica In, her future is still uncertain. But in the meantime you can collect the results of your work. In addition to the Simpatia Prize, it was confirmed for the conduct of the Agnes Prize on June 29th, together with Alberto Matano.

Mara Venier – Source: Ansa

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