Mara Venier surpasses herself with Domenica In and brings Luca, the son of Gigi D’Alessio on TV

Mara Venier

"Domenica In" is a triumph and Mara Venier brings Luca, the son of Gigi D'Alessio, who has become a rapper on TV

Mara Venier in a home version on Instagram

Mara Venier triumphs with Domenica In and brings Luca D’Alessio, son of Gigi, to TV. The presenter is back on the small screen after the short summer break and is in better shape than ever. The Sunday show got off to a great start with Romina Power and Loretta Goggi as guests, but even the second episode did not disappoint expectations. Many artists have landed in the studio on Domenica In, including Gigi D’Alessio.

The singer did not talk about the recent breakup with Anna Tatangelo, but presented a new project made together with some rappers. Entering the studio was festive and fun, Mara Venier took the opportunity to get to know the very young artists better. Among them also Luca D’Alessio, third son of the singer, who has LDA as his stage name.

“I saw you being born – said Mara proudly -. Because he is Luca, the son of Gigi D’Alessio. I was in the hospital room with your mom when you were born, but do you know where dad was? ". Luca's response was immediate: “In Australia,” he said. The Neapolitan artist was married from 1986 to 2006 to Carmela Barbato with whom he had three children: Claudio, Ilaria and Luca. Later he lived a relationship with Anna Tatangelo who in 2010 gave birth to Andrea. The love story with the colleague, after a brief crisis and the flashback, ended a few months ago, but the two continue to have an excellent relationship.

During his show on Domenica In, Gigi presented the Buongiorno project in which he also involved his son Luca. The artist's third son, apparently, inherited his love for music from his famous father. Mara deliberately chose not to ask D'Alessio questions about her private life. A decision he also made in the first episode of the Rai show in which he interviewed Anna Tatangelo. The singer, fresh from the success of Guapo, had revealed that he had started a new phase of his existence. "I know many things that I will never say, but I know your suffering, I have lived it – concluded the presenter, addressing her guest -. I have great admiration for you ”.

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