Mara Venier talks about her Christmas: "I'm afraid of getting sick"

Mara Venier, Arbore replies to the dinner invitation and reveals: "After the Melato I can no longer love"

Mara Venier tells her Christmas with sincerity, revealing the fear, but also the love for the family

Mara Venier, 70 years of love and career

Mara Venier tells about her Christmas, made of family, but also of the fear of getting sick. The Coronavirus emergency has deeply affected the presenter of Domenica In who will experience the holidays in a different way this year. In a long interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Mara explained that she will face this Christmas period. "I haven't done the tree yet, I don't feel the atmosphere – he confessed -. It will be a different Christmas, yes, but of responsibility first of all. The gift I would like under the tree is a vaccine, a cure, because I'm afraid of getting sick ".

Mara confessed to following all the precautions to avoid contagion, especially when she and her husband Nicola Carraro host their grandson Claudio. “When my youngest nephew, Claudietto, comes to visit us and we watch cartoons together – he quickly -, my husband Nicola and I put on the mask, keep our distance, open the windows. I will put the decorations for him, who is three years old: a few lights here and there and the Santas dancing and singing. Children need joy ”.

Mara Venier then spoke about Domenica In, a program that she successfully conducts and where she often hosts friends and colleagues. The presenter confessed that many guests propose themselves to the authors of the program. “And sometimes we say no,” he explained. Mara herself chooses who will be on the show and sifts the names proposed by the casting director: "She gives me a few names and I say yes or no: I only invite those I like – she revealed -. I work on the characters, I read a lot about them. Then I ask my team of writers to find the videos. By now they know exactly what I want, they understand me on the fly. And I watch these videos a day or two before they go on the air ”.

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