Mara Venier, the ex Jerry Calà thanks her husband Nicola Carraro

Mara Venier, the ex Jerry Calà thanks her husband Nicola Carraro

Jerry Calà thanks Nicola Carraro, Mara Venier's husband and talks about the relationship with the presenter

Mara Venier in home version on Instagram

Jerry Calà, former partner of Mara Venier, thanks Nicola Carraro, current husband of the presenter. The two were married from 1984 to 1987, a stormy relationship, which ended due to the actor's constant betrayals. Despite this, Jerry and Mara remained friends: he was often a guest of Domenica In and more than once on Instagram he appeared in the company of the presenter and the producer, in their Roman home.

"With Mara there is a deep friendship, we are like brother and sister – Jerry Calà told Diva and Donna -. Mara is a woman that I have always esteemed and I don't forget the years spent together, in the relationship of coexistence and sharing it has been fundamental. He gave up his career! ". The first meeting with Venier took place on the set of Vado a vivere solo, by Marco Risi. Then a much talked about love story and the wedding, which ended after a few years. The farewell did not break the bond between Mara and Jerry which, on the contrary, is stronger today than ever.

“How can you not see yourself anymore, to pretend that a person who has given you so much does not exist? – explained the actor -. Sometimes it is the fault of the new companions who do not accept that one can remain friends, but this is not the case with Mara's husband, a really smart man and very much in love with her ". In 2006 Venier married Nicola Carraro, the great love of her life. The former producer not only has a splendid relationship with the host's children, but also with his ex, in particular with Jerry Calà, who is often a guest of the couple.

The actor explained that he was also very close to Elisabetta Ferracini, sons of Venier. "I started doing paternity tests with Elizabeth and I remained her dad for her," he confessed. Today Jerry is married to Bettina from whom he had his son Johnny.

Some time ago, as a guest of I Lunatici, a radio program, Calà had told some background of the farewell to Mara. “He caught me talking to a tightly packed guy in the bathroom – he remembered – it's not like I was doing things. You know when you've had a little drink, you come over and start talking to one. She caught me, misunderstood and beat me up. Which among other things he never says. "

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