Mara Venier, the pain behind the rediscovered smile: "I thought I'd give it all up"

Mara Venier

The Venetian presenter returned to her health problems and confessed that she was about to leave Domenica In

Strong as a lion, they say. Yet sometimes even the lion would need rest. That lioness that is Mara Venier, who finished a record season on Domenica In, is spending a few days of vacation with her beloved family and returns to the dental problem for which she risked ending her career sooner than expected.

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The Venetian presenter, heard by the weekly Gente, spoke about her state of health, specifying that she had passed the most critical part but that she was still being treated to fully recover. The nerve injury, caused by a dentist whom she had entrusted with for routine surgery, turned out to be more serious than expected, requiring the care of high-level doctors who averted the worst.

"I was so lost that I had thought of stopping to cure myself – said Mara Venier – for a moment I also thought that maybe I would not have done Domenica In". The strength he showed in the video was therefore a mask to show himself irreducible, although behind this tenacity hid the desire to leave the management to heal himself and come out of this nightmare, as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the treatments she underwent were conducted with professionalism and resolved the situation by bringing her back into the field of stability. "Mara is better but she still has to take care of herself", declared her husband Nicola Carraro, always at her side in the hardest moments and when she thought of abandoning everything because she was overcome by despair.

In these many weeks of suffering, Mara Venier has also shown herself fragile, confessing that she does not see the end of this journey that began with a trivial complication for a dental implant. "Who knows when it will end", she wrote at the entrance to the neurosurgery department of Umberto I in Rome, where she was treated by Prof. Valentino Valentini, who also allowed her to be back on the air in record time.

Despite the difficulties, Mara Venier has found her sweet smile and is ready for a new edition of Domenica In – probably her last – with a completely new set-up and with the return of a great friend of the show: Don Antonio Mazzi.

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