Mara Venier triumphs but then she gets a fever. And soon he will reveal his fate on Sunday

Mara Venier triumphs but then she gets a fever. And soon he will reveal his fate on Sunday

Mara Venier reveals on Instagram that she has taken a fever because of the air conditioning. And at the end of June he will reveal whether he will do Sunday In

Mara Venier is welcomed in triumph in Padua on the stage of the Pride Village, but shortly thereafter she falls ill.

The Venetian presenter returns to her Veneto for one night: "Tonight I really smell the smell of home, of my land". Fans are delirious, she thanks on Instagram: "You are all fantastic!". And the answers are not long in coming:

Ls Queen acclaimed and revered by her audience.

It's still:

Grande Mara you are unique❤️

Unfortunately, Aunt Mara is knocked out by the air conditioning. In one of his usual videos on Instagram he shows himself with a tried face and dark circles and reveals that he has a sore throat, cold and fever. Forced to spend the day at home, she takes advantage of it to review the best of Domenica In.

About the transmission that brought back to the old glories, Venier tells in an interview with Nuovo magazine the secret of her success:

This year on Sunday In there has been a lot of truth in all the stories told by my guests. I wasn't interested in having the famous person tout court in the TV lounge: whoever comes to me has to let go and talk about his life.

Mara has found her strength in herself:

I understood that I had to force myself. From the first episode I understood what worked and what didn't, and I took responsibility for deciding how to continue […] I put all my baggage in the transmission: professional and life experience, joys but also pains!

To the long-standing question of whether the next season will still be conducted on Domenica In, she replies:

If I do it again Domenica In I will reveal it only after the conduction of the Agnes Prize.

Therefore, the fate of Zia Mara will only be known at the end of June, but according to rumors Sunday In in September should extend until 18.40, entering direct competition with Domenica Live conducted by Barbara D’Urso. What would be the point of this operation if it were not for Venier to challenge Barbarella?

Meanwhile, the Venetian presenter has another important commitment. In fact, at the end of July his son Paolo married his partner Valentina.

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