Mara Venier triumphs on Domenica In. And her husband on Instagram treacherously takes her on crutches

Mara Venier triumphs on Domenica In. And her husband on Instagram treacherously takes her on crutches

Mara Venier gets 20% share with Domenica In, thanks to the interview with Stefano De Martino. While on Instagram her husband Nicola Carraro immortalizes her while going down the stairs with crutches

Mara Venier with a sparkling white dress, signed Parosh, triumphs on Sunday In. The penultimate episode is also a success and its broadcast is the most viewed of the day, winning yet another record.

So Aunt Mara doesn't disappoint fans, quite the opposite. Domenica In obtains 20% of the share, I tend 2,295,000 spectators glued to the small screen, certainly thanks to the interviews with Milly Carlucci and Stefano De Martino who is in the limelight for the crisis with Belen. Venier comments on her weight loss: "You have become too thin, aunt's love!" and then teases him about love, but he does not allow himself to be intimidated and replies: "I am an atheist, that of women is a religion that I no longer practice".

It will be this brisk climate, it will be the great professionalism and the extreme ability to entertain the public, but Venier is just unstoppable. It is no coincidence that it is confirmed next year, for the third season in a row at the management of Domenica In.

The broken foot – Mara fractured it last May 31 following a fall – is soon forgotten live, as well as guardian and crutches, if it were not for the usual "treacherous" video that Venier's husband loves to do for her then share it on his Instagram profile.

Last week he had taken her back in a wheelchair while preparing to leave the house to go to Rai and she had not missed the opportunity to shoot him. This time instead he immortalized her while at the exit of the elevator he laboriously goes down some steps with crutches. At the end Zia Mara blurts out: "What balls".

While in the video we hear comments: "See Nicola, Nicola takes over". And someone replies on Carraro's Instagram page: "" See Nicola. Nicola resumes "😂 but will it be that he will throw a crutch on the last episode?". While there are those who scold him: "You are brazen brother !! Help her. " And he justifies himself: "I'm already in 4 🙃".

But there are also those who want to emphasize that Mara Venier's strength depends a bit on Nicola's love: all so familiar and pleasant !!! I believe that the serenity that it transmits is also thanks to the great person who is next to her, that is, Mr. Nicola. You are a special couple👏👏👏 ”.

Indeed, this special couple next September will get married for the second time on the occasion of their 20th anniversary. The ceremony will take place in Puglia and the bride's dress is entrusted to Enzo Miccio.

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