Mara Venier turns 70 and announces farewell to Domenica In


Mara Venier turns 70 on October 20 and announces that she will leave "Domenica In": she promised it to her husband Nicola Carraro

Mara Venier and Nicola Carraro: 14 years of marriage in photos

Mara Venier is turning 70 and in front of this important milestone she announced that she will leave Domenica In at the end of the season. And she also explains why: she promised it to her husband Nicola Carraro.

In a long interview with the magazine Oggi, Zia Mara therefore makes a sort of balance sheet. Next 20 October she turns 70 and she confessed she still does not realize she has reached this goal: "I still do not realize that I have reached 70 years, inside I always feel like a girl of 30. I am serene, I have never based my life on attractiveness ".

In fact, Venier has a grit and inexhaustible energy and has shown it on several occasions. Beginning in recent months, when in full lockdown he decided to continue the live broadcast with Domenica In to stay next to his audience in such a difficult moment, which has not yet been overcome. She therefore overcame her fear of contagion and reinvented the program without an audience or guests in the studio. Nothing stopped her, not even when she broke her foot following a fall. Mara was on the air in a wheelchair and with chalk.

In September she returned to TV and her Domenica In proved to be a success, winning the title of the most viewed program from the very first episode. Aunt Mara even managed to host Maria De Filippi in Rai and her interview was a hit. Seeing the two presenters together was priceless for many.

But despite everything, Venier has decided to say enough. And she doesn't do it for the next 70 years, she said, she feels like a 30 year old. She does it for the family. First of all, as she confessed to Oggi, she is a woman satisfied with affections who loves being a grandmother: "Being a grandmother is the thing that fills me most of all with pride. Nothing has given me joy in life like those two syllables there, “non-na”, pronounced by my nephews Giulio and Claudio ”.

Then at home there is his Nicola. It is for him that he decided to quit Domenica In after three amazing years. "Nicola, I swear to you that this is my last Domenica In. From next year I'm all yours". This is the promise she made to her husband Nicola Carraro who is also her first fan.

We'll see if he can keep his word. Meanwhile, on Instagram the curtains with Carraro are always very funny, like the ballet he did for him, without obtaining satisfactions.

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