Mara Venier uncontainable: the quarrels with the Clerici and the joke on the D'Urso

Mara Venier uncontainable: the quarrels with the Clerici and the joke on the D'Urso

Mara Venier is irrepressible: in Domenica In she reveals the quarrels with Clerici and reacts to a joke about D'Urso.

The last episode of Domenica In was really special for Mara Venier who celebrated her 69th birthday live, but she also let herself go to revelations about Antonella Clerici and other TV personalities. For her, during the airing, also some jokes about Barbara D’Urso, with which in the past there had been friction due to rival transmissions.

In his living room Mara hosted Carlo Conti with whom he retraced some anecdotes of the past. In particular in the 2000s the two had worked together on Domenica In. With them also Antonella Clerici, with whom, apparently, Venier would have had numerous disputes.

"Thank you, you wanted me to Domenica In – said Mara to Carlo Conti -. Thanks, Antonella and I have done nothing but quarrel. And Charles a saint. For nine months he has endured our outbursts ". Venier has also confessed that the disagreements of the past are now behind us: "I really love Antonella – he clarified -, a big kiss".

During the chat with Conti there was also time for a memory of Fabrizio Frizzi. "I can't say that these are Fabrizio's studies – the conductor confessed -. We have always been friends, but in recent years friendship has grown. In our work it doesn't matter how many Sanremo you did, but what remains of you to the public. And Fabrizio has left so much ".

Mara celebrated her birthday on Domenica In, celebrating a particularly happy moment in her life, marked by professional successes and serenity in the family. This year also marked the reconciliation of the conductor with D’Urso after a rather tense period due to the rivalry between Sunday In and Live Sunday. Problems that presenters have left behind as Venier has shown.

Leonardo Pieraccioni, speaking by telephone, in fact provoked the 69-year-old by stating that he wanted to see Barbara D’Urso's program. "To tell the truth you're disturbing me – said the Tuscan comedian -, because I'm looking at Barbara D’Urso". Mara did not take the provocation and reacted with great irony, explaining that Domenica Live was broadcast after the end of Domenica In.

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