Mara Venier’s horoscope, the characteristics of Libra

Mara Venier's horoscope, the characteristics of Libra

Amiable and polite with everyone, always in search of balance: the host Mara Venier embodies the characteristics of Libra

Mara Venier was born under the sign of Libra on October 20, 1950, in beautiful Venice. A woman who fully reflects the characteristics of her zodiac sign, amiable and polite with everyone and always looking for balance. The presenter, beloved by the public of all ages, is dominated by the planet Venus which gives her a deep sensitivity and at the same time the desire for harmony, in work as in private life.

Horoscope, the characteristics of Libra

Libra (September 23 – October 22) is a sign of Air, ruled by the planet Venus. This gives those born under this sign the innate ability to be loved by everyone and a very particular sensitivity, which allows them to succeed in every area of ​​life with naturalness, commitment but at the same time with grace and kindness. Verbena is the astral essence of Libra, while its favorite flower is the delicate wisteria. Amethyst, beryl and copper are its stones and metals of choice and its reference colors are all pastel shades.

According to Virgil Horoscope, those born under the sign of Libra have a sweet and accommodating personality, individuals who always try to mediate in situations of conflict and whose sole objective is harmony. Libra are sensitive and polite, often a little frustrated when they can’t find a meeting point between opposites but with a sense of fairness and justice that does them credit.

In love, Libra loves to be courted and the center of attention, aware of having a certain sex appeal that makes her attractive to most people who have the honor of crossing her path. On the other hand, she hates loneliness and often this leads her to have a somewhat fickle and capricious attitude, the result of her insecurity. In short, when she realizes she doesn’t have the attention that would gratify her, she tends to look for them elsewhere …

Everything changes in work, where this insecurity vanishes to give way to creativity and the desire to always try new things. Those born under the sign of Libra do not like repetition and flee from everything that bores them. At the same time, however, they always try to obtain results with minimal effort, given the slightly indolent soul that distinguishes them. The same is true in free time, where the watchword for Libra is “soft”.

Mara Venier, born under the sign of Libra

Over forty years of career for one of the most beloved women of Italian television: Mara Venier (aka Mara Povoleri) is a skilled Libra, an elegant woman with undisputed sensitivity, endowed with characteristics and qualities that have made her one of the most famous and appreciated faces of the small screen (and not only).

Not everyone remembers him, but Aunt Mara made her debut at a very young age in 1973 on the big screen in the film Diario di un italiano by Sergio Capogna and since then she has participated in a large number of successful films and TV series. Venier has nurtured her career by adding one piece after another, but with the candor and spontaneity that continue to distinguish her even today.

The perfect Libra, it is appropriate to say, always looking for new stimuli in the work and with a great desire to venture into new and exciting tests. Let’s call it luck, maybe let’s call it destiny. What is certain is that at a certain point the real turning point came and the young Mara Venier became our beloved Sunday Lady. In 1993 Rai chose her to conduct Domenica In and from that moment her success has been unstoppable.

Mara Venier embodies the characteristics of Libra even in love, always looking for men to woo her and make her feel important but never without a purpose. Because Aunt Mara, like all Libras, seeks stability and it is no coincidence that she married three times, first with Francesco Ferracini, then with Jerry Calà and finally with Nicola Carraro, her current husband whom she loves immensely and since which is inseparable.

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