Maradona, love for Cristiana Sinagra and her son Diego Jr

Maradona e Diego Jr

Cristiana Sinagra is the Italian love of Maradona who in 1986 gave birth to her son Diego Jr

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It was September 1986 when Cristiana Sinagra, a 22-year-old accountant from Naples, confessed that she had just given birth to Diego Armando, the son of a secret relationship with the famous footballer Diego Armando Maradona. The news caused a real earthquake that involved not only the sportsman, but the whole city of Naples. El Pibe de Oro, who at the time was having a love affair with another woman, denied paternity and initially chose not to recognize Diego Jr and not to see him.

Cristiana, however, remained firm on her position and decided to raise the child alone. Immediately the resemblance to the famous father was more than evident and over the years Maradona Jr – as he was called in his neighborhood – also developed a passion for football. In 1993, Sinagra was right by the court, which recognized Diego Armando's paternity and in 2003 for the first time, during a golf tournament, father and son met. A timid rapprochement that, four years later, would have led to the definitive recognition of Diego Jr by the player.

Blonde, very thin, fragile-looking yet extraordinarily strong, Cristiana Sinagra has always fought to reunite father and son. In 2016, with a trip to Buenos Aires, the former Napoli star and Diego Jr began to rebuild their relationship step by step. Diego Jr also got to meet his father's other children. Meanwhile, Cristiana, who has never forgotten Maradona, has become the grandmother of Diego Matias and India Nicole, born from the love of their son for his wife Nunzia.

"People cannot fully understand what a relationship between father and son can mean, reopened for a desire so strong as to ask for forgiveness – he revealed some time ago in the Morning, commenting on the bond between father and son -. Many misunderstandings have also arisen over the years due to the interference of third parties. But enough, I don't want to go back to the past at all ”. An important meeting also for Cristiana, who had found herself face to face with Maradona thirty years later. “Of course, I don't want to say anything about that meeting of ours – he clarified to reporters -. Indeed, let's say that I neither confirm nor deny it. There are things that belong deeply to private spheres, which no one can and must violate ”.

Cristina Sinagra and her son Diego Jr

Cristiana Sinagra and her son Diego Jr – Source: Instagram

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