Maradona, the touching farewell of his son Diego Jr: "You will never die"

Maradona, the touching farewell of his son Diego Jr: "You will never die"

The poignant farewell of Diego Jr, son of Maradona, to his father, after the sudden disappearance of the champion

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Diego Jr, son of Maradona, greets the great champion on Instagram with a moving message. The death of the former Napoli player deeply touched many people. Diego Armando Maradona passed away at the age of 60 due to a cardiac arrest, after a life marked by great successes and passions. The sportsman leaves behind numerous children born of different relationships. Among them Diego Jr, the result of his secret bond with Cristiana Sinagra, who got pregnant very young when Maradona was playing in Italy.

For about thirty years, the player and his son were divided by a tough legal battle, until reconciliation, which took place a short time ago. Diego Jr, who looks a lot like Maradona and like him is passionate about football, has always had a special bond with his father who he also wanted to remember on social media. "The captain of my heart will never die," he wrote in the Stories, posting a photo of the San Paolo stadium in Naples, where Maradona has become a legend. The daughter-in-law, Nunzia Pennino, who made him the grandfather of Diego and India Nicole, also said goodbye to the player.

Diego Jr's wife explained that the couple planned to meet Maradona soon to introduce him to India Nicole, the youngest niece. A meeting hindered by the positivity of the son to Covid-19. "We had to come to you as soon as Diego left the hospital – wrote Nunzia -, you had to know India, we had so much to do. You left us suddenly, I can't believe it, it seems like a nightmare, you have destroyed our hearts ”.

A star player and a man of great passions, Maradona has had several loves in his life. The most important is that for Claudia Villafane, the wife to whom he has been linked for about twenty years and from there he had daughters: Dalma Nerea and Giannina Dinorah. In 1986, Cristiana Sinagra gave birth to Diego Armando Jr, who was recognized much later. The same fate befell Jana, the result of the sportsman's relationship with Valeria Sabalaìn, who was able to hug her father only after her divorce from Claudia. Maradona also had another son, Diego Fernando, born from the relationship with Veronica Ojeda. According to rumors that have never been made official, the footballer also recognized three other children, the result of his time in Cuba.

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