Marc Jacobs: the proposals for autumn eye make-up

Marc Jacobs: the proposals for autumn eye make-up

Dark or bright colors: Marc Jacobs' autumn 2018 brings the eyes to the fore

The eighties return to the Marc Jacobs catwalk, with wide silhouettes and dark tones, and the showy colors also return to the models' faces with Runaway, the autumn 2018 make-up collection that focuses on showy shades and lots of glitter.

Spotlights on the eyes, true protagonists of the look. True must-have is See-Quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow powder glitter eyeshadow, rich in pigments and with a truly brilliant finish, available in the colors Blitz Glitz (purple) and Topaz Flash (bronze).

And to recreate its iconic looks, there is The Jeweled Eye clutch. Includes the Highliner Glam Glitter Gel eye pencil in red with silver glitter – in line with the trends that red is also used for eye make-up – and the Highliner Gel black pencil. Complete the set the volumizing mascara Velvet Noir Major Volume. Everything is enclosed in an elegant purple and aqua blue clutch.

But that's not all: Marc Jacobs' autumn 2018 holds other irresistible surprises in store for us. O! Mega eye shadows are a true invitation to compulsive shopping. It will be for their packaging so elegant and comfortable to always carry, it will be for its generous dimensions and colors, but you will feel the need to have them all.

Their particularity is the formulation that contains innovative gel-coated pigments that make the application very comfortable and promise a duration of up to 12 hours. The colors are refined and suitable for day and evening, here they are.

In addition to the red pencil contained in the clutch The Jeweled Eye there is a whole line for really sparkling eyes. With Highliner Glam Glitter Gel pencils you forget your shyness and indulge in golden yellow, aqua blue and pink. The texture is very soft and smooth even if enriched with micro-glitter. It dries in a few seconds and can be nuanced at will.

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