Marcell Jacobs turns 27, the sweetest wishes from Nicole Daza on Instagram

A funny cartoon and a dedication of love: this is how Nicole Daza wishes her Marcell Jacobs, who turns 27 years old

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Not even two months ago he gave us indelible emotions, which will remain branded in the history of athletics: Marcell Jacobs turns 27, a new milestone in a 2021 full of overwhelming moments. The most beautiful surprise came from his girlfriend Nicole Daza, who dedicated him some nice and sweet wishes.

To celebrate his birthday, Marcell Jacobs spent a wonderful evening in the company of his closest loved ones. Funny images of the party have sprung up among his Instagram stories, but no cake for the great champion: rather, a plate of delicious sweets embellished with a bright star, and in the background his friends singing the inevitable song of good wishes. Lots of comments that the athlete has received on social media, on the occasion of this important anniversary. But the most delightful message is that of his partner – and future wife.

This is a very funny cartoon that Nicole shared on Instagram: it represents her and Marcell comfortably seated on a sofa and surrounded by their two beautiful children. “Happy birthday, my love” – reads the caption, really tender – “You are a fantastic dad and companion. We love you so much “. An image contains many emotions: the great love that Jacobs and his girlfriend share, but also that for the little ones Anthony and Megan, who enriched their lives respectively in 2019 and 2020.

The sprinter is also the father of Jeremy, now a little boy, born when Marcell was only 19 years old. Recently, he himself publicly made amends by revealing that he was not a dad present with his first child, as his ex Renata Erika had accused him. Jacobs has treasured his mistakes: today he is ready to commit himself to recover the relationship with little Jeremy, aware of the importance for every child to have a father figure beside him. The one that the athlete did not have for many years, and which he strongly missed.

This 2021 is a really important year for him. The double Olympic success preceded another great milestone achieved in his personal life. In fact, Marcell asked for the hand of his Nicole, to seal a beautiful love. And on the occasion of the wedding, the champion will have the opportunity to reconnect with his father, since he has decided to invite him: a perfect time to find harmony in the family.

Marcell Jacobs turns 27

Marcell Jacobs

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