March's favorites: the right makeup to face quarantine in style

A particular month this March, closed at home waiting for better times: no excuse, however, for not giving a tone and dedicating yourself to a little makeup!

Like every month, this March cannot miss the favorites, despite being closed in the house in quarantine. It is not a good reason, however, to give up a little skincare and to feel settled and in order, even with a trick of makeup, to remove the grayness from our faces and color them with a little vivacity. So this month I chose only one skincare product, to better prepare my face before applying the primer. A little color on the cheeks, a nice colored makeup on the eyes and a long-lasting lipstick, proof of sweets and delicacies that everyone seems to cook in this period!

SOS Beauty Sos delicate cleansing mousse

Cleansing mousses are the products I prefer to wash my face, both in the morning and in the evening, as a step to remove makeup. They are easy and quick to use, but one must be careful to choose them properly, because they could dry out the face. The Sos Mousse delicate cleansing Sos Beauty is perfect, because it cleans deeply without irritating the face, is suitable for the most sensitive and delicate skin and leaves it soft, which does not pull and is not too degreased. Even if it is written not to use it to remove eye make-up, I have nevertheless used it (yes, I am a lazy woman) and it is effective for removing simple makeup, without burning or irritating them.

Source: Sos Beauty

Nyx Professional Makeup Pore Filler Base Primer

One product that I recently started using during my product tests is Nyx Professional Makeup's Pore Filler Base Primer, a face base to be applied after the skincare routine and before the foundation. Its task is to fill the pores and small wrinkles, thus going to compact the skin, making it smooth and smooth. In this way, the makeup will adhere much more easily, it will be easier to apply the foundation and prevent it from highlighting small problems of the skin. In addition, it also has excellent mattifying power, i.e. it mattifies the skin and keeps the shine at bay, as well as making the makeup last longer. I recommend using it, however, only for special occasions, when maybe you want to ensure excellent make-up, because being a silicone-based product, in the long run, it could slightly clog pores. Sporadic use, for example on weekends, really guarantees excellent results and does not create any problems.

Source: Nyx ​​Professional Makeup

Mesauda Milano Sunrize Compact Ground

In these days when the gray is the master since we are closed in the house, a little earth or bronzer cannot be missing to warm the complexion. For me, the Sunrize compact lands of Mesauda Milano have become a must have, in various shades and suitable for all skin tones. I use Palm Beach, the clearest and perfect for my very clear skin. They can be used both to slightly heat the complexion and to make contouring, because they are not too hot and therefore do not give an orange appearance to the face, but not too cold, thus avoiding leaving grayish patinas that would make us appear even less bright. . Highly blendable, they are not too pigmented and it is easy to manage the release of color, for those who want a natural effect, perhaps using them with a large and soft brush or for those who want a more sculpted effect, with a specific brush for contouring.

Source: Mesauda Milano

Nabla Cosmetics Poison Garden Palette

The Poison Garden by Nabla Cosmetics is a palette that I have owned for a while but that I recently picked up outside. The color scheme is very particular and there are intense and vibrant shades, such as blue or raspberry. It allows you to create many different looks, more particular and whimsical, but also more natural and suitable for everyday or bright. They are 15 shades of pigmented eyeshadows but at the same time easy to blend, both by simply applying primer and a cream colored base, to make them even more saturated. If at first glance such a palette can scare those who love nude tones, just look at it carefully to note that there are several browns, bronze and pinker tones, with which to make more classic makeup, but the most particular shades are also perfect for give just a touch of color, for example by blending burgundy or blue along the upper ciliary rhyme, for a colored gradient eyeliner.

Source: Nabla Cosmetics

Mesauda Milano Extreme Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick

Raise your hand if you do not have a passion for long-lasting liquid lipsticks that also resist meals well. Finding formulas, however, that are performing and at the same time do not dry the lips is not easy, even if Mesauda Milano with Extreme Velvet matte liquid lipsticks seems to have really succeeded. The color is full and saturated from the first pass, they are soft and easy to apply even without a pencil, they dry quickly and leave the lips soft, without highlighting the texture. The duration is excellent, they last all day without an urgent need for retouching and even after meals, although slightly fading in the center, even in an almost imperceptible way, they remain almost completely intact. Comfort is guaranteed, the formula is elastic and does not dry the lips, even after hours of use.

Source: Mesauda Milano

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