Marco Baldini father at 61: Leonardo was born

Marco Baldini father at 61: Leonardo was born

Conductor Marco Baldini became a father at 61: his partner gave birth to their son Leonardo

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Marco Baldini became a father at the age of 61. The actor and presenter announced the birth of Leonardo, his eldest son, on Instagram. Fiorello's former shoulder posted a photo of the little hand, commenting on the post with the verses of a song. “Nothing forbidden, you are welcome to the world – he wrote -. The mind is like a carousel, you are master of everything and nothing. Giant. Leonardo (Leo) Baldini ".

Baldini had revealed that he would become a father on his 61st birthday. To give him a smile after a difficult period Aurora, the twenty-seven years younger partner to whom he has been linked for four years. Love for Aurora was born by chance when the two met in a bar. At the time she was facing a marriage crisis and had confided in the conductor without knowing who he was. “This is the best gift that Aurora gave me”, Marco Baldini commented, publishing a shot in which he kissed the belly of his partner.

The arrival of the first child at the age of 61 represents a turning point in the conductor's life after a difficult period, marked by gambling addiction and the farewell to his wife Stefania Lillo. “I didn't lose money, but more important things like family, friends and work – he had told Come to Me some time ago -. I missed the opportunity to have a child, my marriage wouldn't even end. Affections are the most important things, I have lost many friends along the way ".

On that occasion Baldini also spoke about the relationship with Rosario Fiorello: "Of course I miss working with Fiorello. I was at the night of the Oscars when I was working with him, at the height of his career – explained the actor and presenter -. But most of all we had a lot of fun. There was a nice cast of authors, but Fiorello was unpredictable: you could write him an episode, then if he wanted to do something else he did it. And we all followed him because we knew we were laughing anyway. That was the diktat: laugh, have fun. We are now two elderly people, of a certain age. At one time our phone calls concerned the evening outings, now they concern pain and prostate ”.

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