Marco Carta absent from Live – It's not the D’Urso for the fever: how is it

Marco Carta absent from Live - It's not the D’Urso for the fever: how is it

Marco Carta reveals how he is after his absence from Live – It is not D'Urso due to fever

The fever kept Marco Carta away from Live – It's not the D’Urso. The singer should have participated in the talk to talk about Gabriel Garko's coming out, but also about fake loves conceived in favor of gossip. At the last minute, however, he had to give up. In fact, before entering the Mediaset studies, the temperature is measured and Marco showed some lines of fever.

It was Barbara D’Urso who revealed it. “We had invited the first person who came out of his choice in a television program to the studio, Marco Carta – explained the presenter -. As you know, before entering we all do some checks. Marco came here but he had a little fever, we also avoided taking the test, he went away and will watch us from home. I'm sure it's just a small influence ”.

However, the news has aroused much concern especially due to the Coronavirus emergency we are experiencing. Interviewed by Fatto Quotidiano, however, Marco Carta explained that he only had a little influence. "I knew I did not have the coronavirus, I did the serological – he said – […] I don't have Covid and I don't even have a fever […] I just caught so much cold and a little rain in Salsomaggiore". A few days before flying to the studios of Live – It is not the D’Urso in fact Marco Carta had been a guest of the Nilla Pizzi Trophy.

The absence of Marco Carta was not the only twist in the episode of the talk. D’Urso also hosted Francesco Bettuzzi, former partner of Elisabetta Gregoraci, who arrived in her life after leaving Flavio Briatore in her living room. The entrepreneur told of his love for the showgirl who is currently in the GF Vip house where he is making people talk about his relationship with Pierpaolo Pretelli. Also in the studio Donatella Milani, singer and author of unforgettable songs, who has confessed to fighting for some time against depression and the problems caused by the absence of a father figure.

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