Marco Carta accused of theft, speaks the judge: the arrest was illegal

Marco Carta: new testimonies and videos on the theft appear

The judge's ordinance talks about the arrest of Carta for theft, considered illegal for the absence of evidence against the singer

A new twist appears in the case involving Marco Carta. The singer, according to a document prepared by the judge, was allegedly the victim of an illegitimate arrest. The revelation comes from the court order in which the alleged theft occurred at the Rinascente in Milan, where the artist allegedly stole – according to the accusations – six branded shirts for a value of 1200 euros.

Last June 1, after the arrest, the judge decided not to validate it, due to a "lack of circumstantial gravity" and because "it cannot be considered legitimate". The accused's testimony – reads the document – "is not currently scratched by any contrary evidence". And those who arrested him "have not seen anything of the allegedly stealthy action."

"The elements of suspicion are entirely ethereal, inconsistent – continues the judge, also speaking of the story made by the vigilante who accused Carta -. The only eyewitness described an earlier behavior that he found suspicious, but the elements of suspicion are inconsistent, it is normal for two buyers to often look around inside a business and the hypothesis that they were checking if they were followed by employees it is formulated in a completely hypothetical and vague way ".

The text, long and accurate, also refers to Fabiana Muscas, the woman who was with Marco Carta at the Rinascente in Milan. The shirts were found, just outside the shop, right in his bag, along with a screwdriver. For this reason, house arrest was requested for the woman, while the Sardinian artist did not undergo any measures. "Paper – concludes the judge – did not hold the bag containing the stolen clothes at the exit".

Host of Barbara D’Urso, Carta explained in tears that he was innocent. The singer, who immediately after his release had left for Mykonos in the company of his boyfriend Sirio, was targeted on social media, amid teasing and insults. In Live – Non è D’Urso's study, he despaired, stating that he will demonstrate his innocence in the trial to be held in September. In a few months, in fact, he will have to answer for the charge of competition in aggravated theft during a hearing to be held in Milan and during which – in all likelihood – the tapes of the surveillance cameras will be viewed as requested by the same Charter.

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