Marco Carta, revealed what the videos on the theft contain. And he goes to the D'Urso

Marco Carta, revealed what the videos on the theft contain. And he goes to the D'Urso

Marco Carta confesses from D'Urso, while the lawyers reveal what the Rinascente films contain.

Marco Carta is preparing to face the trial after the accusations of theft at the Rinascente in Milan and in the meantime he confesses to D’Urso. The Sardinian singer in recent times has experienced difficult months, marked by what happened last May 31, when he was arrested on the charge of having stolen some T-shirts signed in the famous Milanese store together with his friend Fabiana Muscas.

A judicial affair that overwhelmed the former Amici winner and spoke of it for the first time on TV by Barbara D’Urso. Shortly after his arrest and release several months ago, Carta had been a guest of the hostess's salon where, in tears, he had sworn his innocence.

In the meantime, justice has continued and the first hearing of the trial was held, which sees him charged with aggravated theft. The artist did not show up, but his lawyers spoke to reveal the contents of the now famous films that Carta had often spoken about. The internal cameras of the Rinascente in fact have taken over what was happening in the shop, immortalizing the movements of Marco and his friend Fabiana Muscas. For this they could be fundamental and represent a turning point in the process.

The films have already been viewed and the singer's lawyers have revealed what they contain. "From those videos we see that Carta did not commit any crime – they explained in the morning -. He is upset because he has never seen a courtroom in his life even though he is sure of his innocence. […] He did not come because this affair caused him many problems, for him it was a nightmare, a tsunami, as for all those involved in legal matters ".

The second hearing has been set for October 31 when, perhaps, we will discover the whole truth about the affair. In the meantime Marco Carta would have accepted not only to participate in Live – It is not D'Urso, where he will talk about this difficult period, but also to submit to the One against All, the formula of the program that foresees a clash of the guest with characters hidden in the spheres.

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