Marcuzzi goes on vacation with Mia and leaves the gossip about her husband behind her

Marcuzzi goes on vacation with Mia and leaves the gossip about her husband behind her

Alessia Marcuzzi enjoys a few days of vacation with her daughter Mia and walks away from gossip about the end of her wedding

For days the gossip around Alessia Marcuzzi has gone crazy. According to some rumors, in fact, she would have recently left with her husband Paolo Calabresi Marconi, after six years of marriage. A piece of news that, for the couple's fans, was like a bolt of lightning. But how did the presenter react?

Alessia Marcuzzi is about to separate from her husband Paolo Calabresi Marconi, married in 2014. An indiscretion that came suddenly and that left everyone speechless: the two, in fact, form one of the most close-knit couples in the world of entertainment. To announce the news Dagospia, according to which the last months would have been really difficult for the couple. The two, in short, after some tensions would have decided to definitively divide their paths.

Alessia Marcuzzi, showing her partner comfortably seated on the sofa at home in some of her stories on Instagram, tried indirectly to silence the gossip. To get away from gossip, he decided to treat himself to a few days of well-deserved vacation. A special person keeps her company: my daughter, born from the relationship with Francesco Facchinetti.

On Instagram, in fact, Alessia Marcuzzi has published images of the beautiful seaside resort, Ponza, where she is spending a few days in total relaxation. In the images, accompanied only by a blue heart as a caption, My daughter appears who happily enjoys the moments with her mother. There is no shadow, however, by Paolo Calabresi Marconi. For these days following the fuss, therefore, the former host of the Island of the Famous, has chosen to spend the holiday only with the youngest daughter.

The story between Alessia and Paolo, on the other hand, before the indiscretion about the imminent separation, seemed to be going well. The two, in fact, since they got married live in Rome, in the company of the host's children: Mia and Tommaso, born from the love with the soccer champion Simone Inzaghi. No marriage crisis seems to have ever involved them, at least until today.

After returning from her vacation with her youngest daughter, will Alessia Marcuzzi manage to find the courage and strength to clarify the situation with her fans once and for all? Will it definitively deny the possibility of separation from Paolo Calabresi Marconi?

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