Maria Cristina Maccà, Fantozzi's daughter: "I'm out of work"

Paolo Villaggio Fantozzi

Maria Cristina Maccà, actress who played the role of Mariangela, the daughter of Fantozzi in the film by Paolo Villaggio, tells herself

Actress in theater and cinema, but above all the face of Fantozzi: Maria Cristina Maccà played Mariangela and Uga Fantozzi – respectively the daughter and granddaughter of the famous accountant – in the penultimate film of the saga entitled Fantozzi – The return. It was 1996 when Maria Cristina starred alongside Paolo Villaggio, a beloved actor who died in 2017. Since then many things have changed, as she herself says. The actress moved from Rome, where she lived for years, to Vicenza at her mother's house, after the Coronavirus emergency led to the closure of the theaters.

“I lived in Rome for 33 years. I feel more Roman than Venetian, but I could no longer stay – he confessed to Corriere della Sera -. I had no alternatives since theaters, that is my life, are closed because they are not considered indispensable and cinema? Well, it still exists, sure. But if before it was difficult to get a part, now it is really a challenge. The pandemic was the final blow to a world already severely in crisis ”. The last appearance dates back to 2019 on the stage of the Eliseo Theater. “I go ahead with the auditions remotely – he explained -. First they tell me: send us a "self tape", a self-recording, and then the inevitable "we'll let you know". But no one has shown up for a year now ”.

53 years old, Maria Cristina Maccà has lent her face to Mariangela, daughter of Ugo Fantozzi, in one of the most beloved films of the Paolo Villaggio saga. Behind her, she has a solid career with theatrical productions and films that have led her to collaborate with the greats of cinema, from Pupi Avati to Mario Monicelli, passing through Neri Parenti, Carlo Vanzina and of course Villaggio.

"Cinema and theater were another thing before, you never stopped learning – he recalled -. Now it's different because everyone soon forgets. We hope that talent will be appreciated again after the pandemic. Even Paolo Villaggio in his last years of life struggled ”. And in the face of the pandemic, the thought goes to Fantozzi and his ability to tell the world with lightness and irony, without ever being taken for granted: “Can you imagine the accountant wearing the mask? It would certainly be record-breaking ”.

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