Maria De Filippi: "Maurizio Costanzo betrayed me"

Maria De Filippi: "Maurizio Costanzo betrayed me"

Maria De Filippi confesses, revealing that she believes that Maurizio Costanzo may have betrayed her

Men and Women is back on TV today and Maria De Filippi takes the opportunity to give a long interview in which she tells herself, taking off even some pebbles from her shoe, starting from those gossip that made her suffer so much in the past. "I'm used to the hoaxes on the programs I do" explained Maria De Filippi "Those that made me suffer were others. Once, there was still no Internet, but there were rumors ".

One of the worst, explained Maria De Filippi, was that which circulated some time ago according to which she and Barbara Palombelli, Rutelli's wife at the time when he was mayor of the capital, had created a company that managed parking lots in Rome. on parking spaces.

De Filippi also spoke of the relationship with Maurizio Costanzo. "I don't know if I was betrayed," said the TV presenter. "I guess so, but I never wanted to investigate. I never looked for evidence, never spied my husband's cell phone. But I am sure that if I discovered a betrayal I would have zero guilt but I would just think: it's an asshole ".

Finally, the queen of Canale Cinque was also furious about the rumors about the new cast of Amici and her alleged quarrel with Emma Marrone due to the participation of the Salento singer in Sanremo with Carlo Conti. "We need to understand where they start and why certain things start and who they are getting", said Maria De Filippi, speaking of gossip about her.

Maurizio Costanzo's wife was also hurt by Marcus Bellamy, a dancer who also participated in Amici, accused of killing his companion in New York. "This dancer was not part of our production, she had always been dancing with Ezralow," explained Maria De Filippi, "I had Betti Soldati make an ANSA specifying that I don't know him. […] The Ansa was not reported, I realized that on that side there is no defense ”.

Despite the gossip, however, it is Maria De Filippi who continues to be loved and churn out successful programs. Soon we will see her on TV not only for Men and Women, but also for Tu Si Que Vales, where she will return as a judge alongside Rudy Zerbi, Gerry Scotti and Belen Rodriguez.

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