Maria De Filippi: "Maurizio, never leave me"

Maria De Filippi: "Maurizio, never leave me"

20 years of marriage for one of the most popular couples on the Italian showbiz. "I could never do without him … If he dared to leave me, I would chase him everywhere" "

Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi, a love lasting more than 20 years

"If Maurizio hadn't been there, I wouldn't have aired, I was considered an idiot." So Maria De Filippi, in an interview with the weekly Oggi, talks about her beginnings and the relationship with Maurizio Costanzo, who launched her in 1992. "But, of course, I understood them, the others" continues "They thought: 'It's that of the moment, we leave to Costanzo the whim to send it on video, next year there will be another one "".

In August they will celebrate 20 years of marriage: “I love him very much, I could never do without him. What about him? No. He knows that if he dared to leave me, I would chase him everywhere, I wouldn't give him peace. " To the question of what the couple's secret is, he replies: “I never broke his boxes. When I met him, he worked a lot and I never did the part of the wife who feels neglected. I started working too, I had no alternative. " And to the question of when he will say enough, he replies: “I hope that those at home tell me before. I have to be good at figuring out the right time, otherwise I would be upset. Now, to say, I wouldn't be prepared. But I am calm, Maurizio has taught me to enter the scene, he will explain to me how to get out of it “.

He then expressed his doubts about the new edition of Amici, which he is preparing to conduct: “This time I feel that we are losing. Amici is a talent, he is his age and I am convinced that Saturday night is not his right place. We will have against the classic popular show, I see it gray ”. Maria De Filippi for the first time questions her victory on Saturday TV night against Antonella Clerici's new show that aims to beat the talent with Senza parole, a program more similar to C'è posta per te. "If it were for me," says De Filippi, "I would call Perego, Milly and the others and I would say 'Girls, let's agree: let's not make war, let's try to measure ourselves with films, with fiction'. If you lose against Don Matteo, you survive: it's a different genre, nobody will close the program for you. Unfortunately, however, we do not decide the schedules. And in Mediaset you have to be competitive by force … I often want to get out of this logic: I think I would be fine. I have had many satisfactions. I don't live for the day after, but to do the things I like. And to give opportunities to those who deserve: Amici's dancers all work, every year we churn out a singer who makes a bang. This gratifies you more than the share ".

Clerici's answer also arrives, which from the pages of the weekly magazine Chi lets know: "I don't have a passion for challenges". And she reveals her dream in the drawer: "Every now and then with Maria De Filippi we meet in Ansedonia and I say to her 'When I get old (that is shortly) I come to work with you'. My dream is a Sanremo with her “.

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