Maria De Filippi, perfect bikini at 54 in Corsica

Maria De Filippi, perfect bikini at 54 in Corsica

The presenter enjoys her beach holidays. Paparazzata by Chi, De Filippi showed off a body of envy. For her try outdated costume

Maria De Filippi in bikini – Source: Instagram

Finally the television engagements are over, Maria De Filippi enjoys her well-deserved holidays. The presenter flew to Corsica to relax by the sea. The magazine Chi paparazzata on the beach, while sunbathing in a bikini.

De Filippi sports an enviable physique at 54 (on 5 December there will be 55). For her, she tries outdated costume (like her colleagues Simona Ventura and Sabrina Salerno). Not even a little more fat, no cellulite and a flat stomach. Not even 20-year-olds have such a sculpted body. Not to mention the perfect tan. In short, Maria catalyzes attention even when she is on vacation.

Heedless of photographers, he rests in the sun. In fact, she has to recharge her batteries, because next season will be full of work for her. Confirmed "Friends", "There is mail for you", "Tú sí que vales" and "Men and women" (also in the version with gay tronisti). And then many innovations that emerged from the presentation of the Mediaset schedules. Maria has many projects in the pipeline, including 10 concerts that will be broadcast on Canale 5.

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