Maria De Filippi takes her revenge and beats Alberto Angela

Maria De Filippi takes her revenge on Alberto Angela and beats Ulysses with Tu Si Que Vales

Maria De Filippi takes her revenge on Alberto Angela and beats Ulysses in the challenge of Saturday. In fact, the first episode of Tu Sì Que Vales was a huge success and recorded very high ratings. The program aired for the first time on Saturday, replacing Amici Celebrities which was moved to Wednesday.

A change that, according to many, would have been done to avoid the confrontation with Ulysses after, for various episodes, the program of Maria De Filippi in the VIP version was beaten by Ulysses. While Amici Celebrities sets out for the final stages with a run by Michelle Hunziker, which ended up at the center of controversy, the queen of Canale Cinque is back on TV with the new edition of the show led by Belen Rodriguez.

The first appointment with Tu Si Que Vales was crackling, with a very nice Sabrina Ferilli who joked with the four judges: Maria De Filippi, Teo Mammucari, Rudy Zerbi and Gerry Scotti, and a splendid Belen Rodriguez. A beginning that was rewarded by the ratings: the broadcast recorded a very high share and beat Ulisse, Alberto Angela's program.

A real revenge for Maria De Filippi, who had not succeeded with Amici Celebrities. In fact, the Canale Cinque show received 28% share of 4,988,000 spectators, breaking the Rai Uno show by 10 points, where the share was 18.5% with 3,558,000 spectators.

"Tú sí que vales – explained in a note Giancarlo Scheri, director of Canale 5 – is an extraordinary program, a show that intercepts the whole family, the ideal audience of Canale 5. A transmission that everyone envies us, that entertains, entertains , fills with wonder. Honor to the production and authorial machine of the highest level Fascino and Mediaset and to the team of unrivaled artists and the undisputed talent of the program: Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti, Teo Mammucari, Rudy Zerbi, Sabrina Ferilli and then Belén Rodríguez, Martin Castrogiovanni, Alessio Sakara ".

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