Maria De Filippi, the presenter who said no to her twice

Maria De Filippi, the presenter who said no to her twice

A presenter said "no" to a proposal by Maria De Filippi twice

Maria De Filippi is considered one of the leading faces of Mediaset and is a great professional, which is why anyone would like to work with her. But a well-known colleague would have said "no" twice.

This is Silvia Toffanin who, according to what reported by the weekly Oggi, would have rejected some proposals by Maria De Filippi. The next TV season will be quite demanding for the presenter who will have to manage numerous shows. Among these, Temptation Island Vip and Amici Vip who chose not to conduct.

Who will be in charge? Maria would have identified the perfect person in the past, but she would have refused. We are talking about Silvia Toffanin, a former letter of Word of mouth, companion of Pier Silvio Berlusconi, but above all queen of Verissimo.

The showgirl, who was also a guest of an episode of Amici, would have refused De Filippi's proposal, answering "no, thanks" to the offer to conduct both Temptation Island Vip and Amici Vip.

The reason? Apparently Silvia is a true perfectionist and does not like to throw herself headlong into a business if she is not sure that she will do it well. So she would have declined the invitation because she wasn't sure that the shows were on her ropes, preferring Verissimo, who has been conducting for many years now.

Later, Maria De Filippi would go to work to find substitutes. According to the latest rumors at the helm of Temptation Island Vip, after the farewell of Simona Ventura, there will be Alessia Marcuzzi (who will also return on TV with the Island of the Famous), while Michelle Hunziker, back from the success of Together Now, will be at the helm of Amici Vip.

Silvia Toffanin instead will return in September with the new edition of Verissimo, between interviews and scoops. The last season has been quite lucky, with excellent ratings also thanks to the Prati case and the interview in which the presenter has unmasked the lies of the Sardinian showgirl.

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