Maria Elena Boschi, diva red lipstick and bold neckline: amazing

Maria Elena Boschi, diva red lipstick and bold neckline: amazing

Maria Elena Boschi’s beauty never ceases to surprise: after rehearsing with lace dresses, she showed herself on Instagram with a Marilyn-style red lipstick that left everyone breathless

Maria Elena Boschi, the chemisier look in the Chamber

Maria Elena Boschi has proved to be a great queen of style, in every public release but also in the short forays she allows herself on Instagram to finish conquering the many followers who follow her every day. The white dress she wore in Dubai or the black lace one worn by Bruno Vespa was not enough: the Italia Viva deputy wanted to dare with a bright red lipstick and a neckline that left no room for imagination.

Maria Elena Boschi, the lipstick that leaves you speechless

Despite the many institutional commitments that keep her busy during the day, Maria Elena Boschi found the time for a quick update on social media where she showed herself wonderful. The red lipstick she has chosen for her make-up to be copied enhances the light color of her eyes and softens the angular features, making them even more fascinating.

The neckline, then, completed a work that appeared already perfect with the only test of the Marilyn lipstick that left everyone speechless. The white blouse she wore is a garment that we must all have in the wardrobe, to embellish all our days, even the hardest ones and those characterized by the greatest responsibilities. And, despite everything, it teaches us that there is always time to feel like a woman and to indulge in a little habit – be it a lipstick or a special make-up – to take care of yourself.

Lace dresses to copy

The beauty of Maria Elena Boschi is now well known, but politics has not ceased to amaze even in its latest public and hosted television releases. Her black lace dress, chosen to reach the living room of Porta a Porta, was the proof that was missing to elect her as a princess of elegance.

Her aesthetic taste, which she limped with the choice of the shirt dress she wore in Parliament, exploded with the white minidress – still in lace – that she wore to bring a fragment of Italy to the Dubai Expo. Her outfit was simply perfect and not only for the dress, but also for the gold decollété that she wanted to combine with the large clutch.

Maria Elena Boschi on Instagram

Maria Elena Boschi on Instagram

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