Maria Elena Boschi, her first 40 years: a hymn to beauty

Maria Elena Boschi

Maria Elena Boschi turns 40 on January 24, between the love for Giulio Berruti and the dazzling career in politics (and as a model)

Maria Elena Boschi, the look changes over the years: from brown to blond with bangs

Maria Elena Boschi turns 40 on January 24: she was born in 1981. Always considered one of the most beautiful women in Italian politics, she fills the pages of the gossip with her love affairs, especially since she fell in love with Giulio Berruti, the actor who for her is said to have renounced even Big Brother.

The two have been dating since 2020, but before coming out of the closet it took them some time, intent on defending their privacy at all costs. When the rumors about their relationship began to leak, both Boschi and Berruti promptly denied, declaring that they were just friends. But in the long run they could no longer keep the secret.

The actor confessed to Silvia Toffanin what made him fall in love with Maria Elena: "The first time she came to my house for dinner, she fell out of her chair and even dropped the wine, soiling my shirt – he revealed -. In that mutual vulnerability and awkwardness we found ourselves a bit ". The two took their relationship very seriously, so much so that they have already talked about children: “I come from a very close family. I would like many children. We talked about it between us and then we'll see ”. And their union is also approved by his mother.

Precisely this bond has cast a shadow over Boschi's career, which last December was suspected of having given a "little help" to her boyfriend with an amendment to the 2021 maneuver, which was presented but then withdrawn.

But it is not only for Berrutti that Boschi is talked about. Like a true trend setter, her looks are studied, admired and rarely criticized. Her outfit at the first of La Scala in 2019 left everyone breathless. While the tiffany-colored coat was immediately compared to that of Melania Trump.

Not to mention her haircuts. The latest in chronological order sees her with bangs, but the new hairstyle has not convinced everyone: it would make her facial features too hard.

Maria Elena is so beautiful that in 2018 she conquers the cover of Maxim and proves that she is a professional model. But beauty is a family gift, her brother Pier Francesco has the charm of a Hollywood star.

It is useless to talk about her dazzling political career that wants her to be minister for the first time in 2014. Today Matteo Renzi proposes her again in the government but her entry into the executive is still to be seen.

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