Maria Elena Boschi, the Easter look is gorgeous, but Berruti isn't there

Maria Elena Boschi, the Easter look is gorgeous, but Berruti isn't there

Maria Elena Boschi celebrates Easter with an enchanting turquoise look, but Giulio Berruti is not there

Maria Elena Boschi and Giulio Berruti: the secrets of their love story

Maria Elena Boschi's Easter look is gorgeous, but Giulio Berruti isn't there. Politics celebrated in the family, embracing her brother Pier Francesco to whom she is very attached. Engineer and Instagram star, Meb's younger brother – as friends call her – often appeared in public with his sister, accompanying her to some events when she was still single.

After a long period in which she devoted herself solely to her career, today Maria Elena Boschi has finally found love. Beside her is Giulio Berruti, an actor who has stolen her heart and with whom she makes important projects. The two are very reserved and have never wanted to expose their love story in the spotlight. The relationship came out after numerous paparazzi and only recently both Maria Elena and Giulio decided to talk about it openly.

However, the couple has not yet published any shots on Instagram and prefers to live love away from social media and gossip. Perhaps this is why Giulio Berruti does not appear in the photo that tells the Boschi's Easter. Maria Elena posted a selfie with her brother Pier Francesco in which she is gorgeous. In fact, politics has chosen a turquoise look that perfectly matches her light eyes and peach complexion. “Even if it is another difficult year – he wrote -, Easter teaches us that light always wins over darkness! And also that we must be grateful for the loved ones close to us. Happy Easter everyone!".

No post instead from Giulio Berruti who probably spent the holidays with his family. The actor's parents have already met Boschi and would be enthusiastic about the love story. Maria Elena, who has always been very reserved, confessed to Verissimo that she is in love with the Roman star and that she dreams of a family with him. “I am very happy – she confessed to Silvia Toffanin -. For good luck I try to keep my feet on the ground, but my head is in the clouds. He is certainly a handsome man and he is brilliant, but the thing that struck me most is his purity and his being good ".

Boschi has revealed that she wants a child and a wedding. “I have always dreamed of it – he said -. Alongside Giulio, it comes naturally to think about it because he too likes the idea of ​​having a family. We talk about it every now and then. I'd like to get married, but it takes two. In any case, I believe that the important thing is to have a person next to you who, however, represents home for you. When you have a strong complicity, then everything comes. In love, I don't like making plans ”.

Maria Elena Boschi and her brother

Maria Elena Boschi and her brother

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