Maria Elena Boschi victim of stalking: "You are forced to change your daily life"

Maria Elena Boschi victim of stalking: "You are forced to change your daily life"

The former minister said she was a victim of stalking and denounced her persecutor because she was afraid

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A persecution that lasted months and began in an apparently harmless way, through a banal message. Instead, what seemed like a polite approach from a person he didn't know turned into a nightmare of fear and worry.

Because after that simple message came the phone calls, e-mails, messages on social networks. And that awful feeling of being surrounded, under control, with no escape route. But the way out is there and Maria Elena Boschi has decided to follow it and share her experience publicly.

The parent company of Italia Viva in the Chamber filed a stalking complaint with the Rome prosecutor's office against the man who has persecuted her since September and has made her fear for her life.

“I waited a long time, but at a certain point the situation got worse – Maria Elena Boschi told Corriere della Sera -. The spring was the fact that he went to the places I frequent in Rome and not just in Rome. In these cases it is good to report to stop further deterioration. You never know how far they can go ".

And that's why he decided to put an end to that situation. “They were daily messages and on many occasions even various on the same day. And then they are messages that show a poor balance of those who write them: they vary a lot, from the obsessive concern for my safety to the pseudo physical attraction towards me, up to the thought of my death “, he confessed.

Words that nevertheless frightened her, despite her position: "Compared to many other women, I am certainly lucky for the attention that there is on my personal safety, also linked to the public role I hold. However, not feeling safe going for an early morning run alone or simply going grocery shopping isn't a good feeling. You are forced to change your daily life “.

A lucid story, but at the same time it makes you think, also because it is not the first time that you find yourself in a similar situation. Already in 2014 she had suffered from stalking episodes, as she herself admitted, but now she has decided to be an example and to use her position to encourage other women to do the same: "In recent years there have been several similar episodes , more or less serious, which I have always tried not to talk about, also to avoid emulative effects … This can be an opportunity to encourage other women not to underestimate and report. Because only in this way can we try to put an end to the persecutions ”. And this is perhaps the most important aspect of this story: to really change society you need a different approach, trust in justice and the courage to denounce to ensure that things change especially from a cultural point of view.

“Having the law on stalking, like the one on femicide, is already a great achievement. The real investment, however, is in education for gender equality and respect for others in general. For this reason, even as Minister of Equal Opportunities, I insisted on financing projects in schools. Only by overcoming the macho culture and also with the involvement of men, from an early age, will we be able to win this battle ”, he concluded.

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