Maria Teresa Ruta points to Domenica In: Mara Venier's answer

Maria Teresa Ruta points to Domenica In: Mara Venier's answer

Interviewed in the Casa Da Cristiano Malgioglio and the other competitors, Ruta said she would like to lead "Domenica In". Mara replied

Maria Teresa Ruta continues with her experience in the House of Big Brother Vip and in these days she was the protagonist of an interview conducted by Cristiano Malgioglio, new entry among the competitors of the reality show.

Second appointment for a space that the singer-songwriter and lyricist is dedicating to fellow adventurers, a sort of interview with questions in which different topics are addressed between the private sphere and work. To report this moment to the porthole, where Maria Teresa Ruta was seated, the site Davide Maggio .it which told about some of the questions and answers. As for the sphere of work, Elisabetta Gregoraci asked her which program she would like to lead and the answer, reported by Davide Maggio, was: "I would like to do Mara Venier's Sunday but as long as Mara Venier is there …".

Mara's reply was not long in coming, the showgirl who was tagged in the stories on Instagram from the site has in fact commented in a nice way, just as we are used to knowing her: "I know that there is a queue … – he wrote – I adore you ”, accompanying the message with a series of emoticons.

After all, it is no secret that Mara Venier has announced that she wants to leave the management of the Sunday lounge of Rai 1. The presenter, who recently blown out seventy candles, told in an interview with the magazine Oggi, which at the end of the season will leave Sunday In how she promised her husband Nicola Carraro.

Obviously, the name of who could possibly take the place of Zia Mara at the conduct of the important Sunday appointment is not yet known. According to rumors, a candidate could be Antonella Clerici who, however, when asked if she was ready to take up the legacy of her colleague, in an interview with SuperGuida TV she replied that she wished her to go on for the next ten years.

And now comes the self-nomination of Maria Teresa Ruta, who always appeared to be a positive and smiling element at GF Vip. In recent days, however, she has also experienced a moment of despair because she is worried about her husband Roberto Zappulla left alone outside the house: “He feels lost alone. I promised him: 'At the limit Guenda goes on', I didn't know I couldn't choose, "he told the other contestants of the reality show.

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