Maria Teresa Ruta responds to Tommaso Zorzi's "falsissima" after the GF Vip

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Maria Teresa Ruta returned to the comment of Tommaso Zorzi, who came out of the House of GF Vip and had defined the former competitor and friend as "very false"

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Big Brother Vip has been over for almost two weeks now, but the relationships and dynamics that had been created within the Cinecittà House continue to be discussed. After the interview with Verissimo by Tommaso Zorzi, now it's up to Maria Teresa to reply.

The winner of the reality show had defined some of his former roommates as "false", such as Giulia Salemi and Ruta herself, even referred to as "very false". The former sports journalist and presenter had remained silent, but now, cornered in a radio interview, she replied about the former ally's comment.

"Tommaso is also a very ironic boy, he has a way of being a bit pungent. I scolded him for not telling me he mentioned me and maybe there he was disappointed – said Maria Teresa -. I think they are dictated by the moment. I am sure that if we were to see each other tomorrow morning to do a job together we would look each other in the eye and say 'We understood each other or we did not understand each other'. In my opinion, she doesn't think I am very false, it is her ironic way of deciphering me, it is impossible for her to think that I am false ”.

It may be, the fact is that since the program ended the two have neither seen nor heard each other, as happened with others. Ruta herself admitted that it was the circumstances of life outside the house that made relationships even more difficult. “Competitors whose life is very different from mine. Sonia, Andrea but I feel his girlfriend. The chronological age is important. Today I heard Giulia, I heard Carlotta. We write. On Sunday I saw Stefania ”.

Despite everything, however, Maria Teresa did not want to go into depth regarding the words of Thomas and preferred to avoid carrying on the controversy: "I stayed at the House, I carry what happened in my heart". This is why he admitted that he had not even called him to ask for explanations regarding the interview with Silvia Toffanin and, indeed, took advantage of the radio interview to wish him good luck for his new adventure as a columnist on the Island of the Famous.

A comment was also not lacking with respect to other former roommates, in particular with respect to the love stories born in the House of the GF Vip. According to Maria Teresa Ruta, the relationship between Pierpaolo Pretelli and Giulia Salemi is balanced, because, despite being different, they manage to compensate and laugh together. As for Rosalinda Cannavò and Andrea Zenga, she said she was convinced that there was a strong feeling behind the choice of the actress.

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