Mariangela Melato, actress: biography and curiosity

Mariangela Melato, actress: biography and curiosity

Mariangela Melato: discovering all the useful information related to the life and career of one of the most famous actresses of Italian cinema

Mariangela Melato was an Italian actress of Roman origin. This well-known film character was considered one of the most famous Italian actresses. Mariangela was born in Milan on September 19, 1941 and her approach to the world of acting led her to play many years of theater. Thanks to the latter, Mariangela began to make her first experiences with Luchino Visconti and Luca Ronconi. Subsequently, the actress made her first debut in Italian cinema with Pupi Avati in the horror film "Thomas and the possessed".

Specifically, during the 70s Mariangela began her ladder towards success thanks to her participation in comedies or dramatic films. Not only that, in his career the collaboration with Giancarlo Giannini has played a fundamental role in comedies such as "Overwhelmed by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of ​​August". From this moment on, in fact, the actress began to receive numerous film awards for best actress. As the years passed, Mariangela also received further awards in the cinematographic field.

Among his best known films are "The policewoman" in 1974, "The Cat" in 1977 and "Help me dream" in 1981. During his career, Mariangela Melato has won five Silver Ribbons, but there are also a golden clapperboard and two golden globes. The actress therefore spent her life dedicating herself exclusively to the love of cinema and theater. But after reaching the pinnacle of success, the actress chose to devote herself more to theater, reducing appearances in films. From time to time, in fact, the woman participated in some television series. Mariangela was the daughter of an urban policeman and a seamstress.

Her sister, Anna Melato, was a well-known actress and songwriter. During his youth, Mariangela devoted himself to the study of painting. Later he worked as a window dresser at La Rinascente. It was thanks to this job that the woman paid for her acting studies. In addition, he worked for many years alongside Renzo Arbore, who was the great love of his life. Mariangela Melato died at the age of 71 on 11 January 2013 after a long illness. In fact, the actress had long been battling pancreatic cancer. Her only regret, as her sister Anna revealed, was that she had no children. The ashes of this talent from the world of cinema are currently buried in the garden of his sister Anna's home in Rome.

“It was rich in grace, as Alda Merini was able to grasp. With grace he did everything: he worked, loved, learned, danced. He even knew how to die gracefully – said Renzo Arbore -. We were like two souls tuned to the same wavelength. And even in the long period of separation, there was no magical link. I went around the world and said: Mariangela would like this, I buy it for her. And Mariangela did the same with me. An unimaginable complicity. Then we met again. "

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