Marica Pellegrinelli confesses about the divorce from Eros Ramazzotti

Marica Pellegrinelli confesses about the divorce from Eros Ramazzotti

Marica Pellegrinelli confesses about the divorce from Eros Ramazzotti and talks about Aurora

Marica Pellegrinelli returns to talk about the love that ended with Eros Ramazzotti and the divorce that came after about ten years of marriage. A painful farewell, which came after the model had put her career on standby to devote herself more to her family. "When you fall in love with a man who is 25 years older than you, and who wants a child at all costs, it is natural for you to try to make him happy – he told weekly F -. At twenty-one, I didn't think of becoming a mother ”.

Marica then spoke of her children: Gabrio Tullio and Raffaela Maria "sought for love". “I said to myself: you will have plenty of time to follow your ambitions”, Pellegrinelli recalled. The different needs of the spouses and their vision of the future would have led to the divorce with Eros. “When you start a family with an important artist, that life is not feasible – he confessed -. Great experiences the tours, but I was always alone with the kids. Until the children went to compulsory school I always followed my husband on tour. Then I stopped. And in fact the marriage is also over ”.

The couple said goodbye in the summer of 2019, after which Marica lived a love story (now over) with Charley Vezza, a well-known designer and entrepreneur. Relations with Eros after the divorce remained excellent for the love of the children and the two exes were often spotted together, denying a possible return of the flame each time. "It was the most painful experience I have ever faced – he confessed speaking of divorce -, and from the suffering you understand how important that person has in your life. In my Eros it will always have relevance. However, if you find that you are not happy, you must find the courage to go and seek happiness. I haven't found it yet. I'm looking for".

"We talk a hundred times a day – she added regarding her ex-husband -. We have left the sorrows behind: when a marriage ends it is important to value the time spent together. At the beginning, when emotions are still fresh, you do it out of duty. But time heals wounds. Today I'm glad to see Eros. Each of us deserves to be happy. I love him, I wish him the best. And he to me ".

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