Marina La Rosa remembers Pietro Taricone and reveals what he did after the end of the GF

Pietro Taricone primo Grande Fratello

Marina La Rosa remembers the relationship with Pietro Taricone and reveals what happened after the end of Big Brother

Marina La Rosa remembers Pietro Taricone and talks about their relationship after the end of Big Brother. It was the 2000s when the reality set in the Cinecittà house that would forever change the history of TV landed on TV for the first time. Twenty years have passed since then, but no one has ever forgotten the show's competitors, from Rocco Casalino to Cristina Plevani, up to Marina La Rosa and Pietro Taricone.

The latter, considered the moral winner of the GF, began a brilliant career as an actor immediately after leaving the house. Until his death, tragic and unexpected, arrived in 2010 due to an accident with the parachute. To remember Pietro in recent days was Marina La Rosa, who became his great friend after the end of the reality show. The actress, who also has a participation in the Island of the Famous in her curriculum, recounted the days in the Cinecittà house and the success that overwhelmed her immediately after.

“I think back to Pietro's words, he was the most lucid of us – he explained to the Fatto Quotidiano -, he had perceived reality, and seriously approached me:“ Be strong ”. He had grasped some weaknesses in me … I entered and immediately verified that Pietro was right: I found the beasts, with the public free to shoot certainties about your person in your face, and I had to face the strangest, oddest opinions in which I recognized myself. And I thought: "But what have you seen?". From there I was forced to rebuild myself psychologically – she added -. Pietro was so amazed that he shut himself up at home to review and review all the episodes. And analyze them ".

Big Brother transformed the world of TV and fame forever changed the existence of competitors. In those days outside the Cinecittà bunker, Marina found help in Taricone. "With Pietro: we talked a lot – he revealed -, and he tried to convey a bit of lightness to me, but I was heavy; as I said before, Big Brother did not only change the lives of the competitors, but it was a collective analysis, all those involved after the end changed their existence; also the psychologist has left the profession and has gone around the world ”.

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