Mario Balotelli apologizes for the bad joke about Dayane Mello, but it's too late

Dayane Mello

After the bad joke about Dayane Mello at the "GF Vip", Mario Balotelli apologizes, but proves he did not understand anything

After the last episode of GF Vip, Mario Balotelli apologizes for the bad joke about Dayane Mello, but it's too late now. The footballer entered the Cinecittà House to meet his brother Enock. Her entry was highly anticipated, but it turned into a moment to be erased after the terrible words about the model. In fact, in front of the ex-partner Balotelli made a bad taste and sexist joke that indignant many people and that revealed, once again, how little weight is often given to certain words.

After the slip on live TV and the request for an apology made by Alfonso Signorini, Balotelli commented on the story on Instagram. The player wrote a message in the Stories to apologize to "those who felt offended", but did not understand the point of the situation. “Girls, I'm sorry if anyone has been offended! – we read – With Dayane I have a confidence and a way of speaking that might seem vulgar but I want her a world of good indeed! So just be feminists or male chauvinists, I apologize for those who feel offended but if you do not know the relationships between people before judging, inquire. I have 2 mothers, 3 sisters, 1 daughter, women are my life, just speculate on the unknown! ".

The impression is that the patch is worse than the hole. A collage of phrases of circumstance and that "just be feminists", demonstrate how Mario failed to grasp the point. Balotelli's joke not only does not make you laugh and shivers in its profound vulgarity, but it shows us how certain things in society have not yet changed. Because that sentence that Balotelli continues to paint as innocent and joking is yet another tool to exercise power over women, in a patriarchal society that clearly has many steps to take before reaching equality. And hiding behind "women are my life", listing mothers, sisters and daughters, makes the player's position even worse. Because it is precisely for them that Mario should not have uttered that sentence, to give him a world in which no woman should feel like what happened to Dayane Mello during the live broadcast of GF Vip: wounded, helpless and speechless. The hope is that Balotelli, perhaps seeing himself on video, can really understand where he went wrong and understand the reason for so much anger. Certainly, even with these excuses, he missed a good opportunity to keep quiet.

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