Marklund method, the 10 tips for living 10 years longer

The doctor and researcher Bertil Marklund has no doubts: a correct lifestyle allows you to live up to 10 years more. Here are his recommendations.

Queen Elizabeth's diet of longevity

Author of the book "The Scandinavian guide to live 10 more years", Bertil Marklund is a doctor and a researcher who, based on scientific research, has identified the rules to increase his longevity. The lifestyle counts for as much as 75% on this aspect, so much so that studies have shown that stress reduces life expectancy by about 8 years. These are the 10 tips of prof. Marklund to live longer:

Do physical activity
Physical activity removes the risk of contracting diseases by 30%. Just walk for half an hour a day to get great benefits.

Seven hours of sleep
Rest is essential to allow the body to recover and regenerate. The ideal is to sleep for at least 7 hours. For optimal rest it is preferable to go to sleep and always wake up at the same times.

Stay in the sun and outdoors
Staying in the sun allows the body to have the precious vitamin D. In order not to be deficient in this vitamin, one should plan to go outdoors at least half an hour a day.

Never without fruit and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are a treasure trove of antioxidants, fibers, vitamins and mineral salts, so they should be a mainstay of nutrition. Include fruit and vegetable portions at every meal, every day, without neglecting the dried fruit that contains omega 3, essential for health.

Take care of dental hygiene
Brushing your teeth and keeping the oral cavity clean are essential activities to prevent the formation of gingivitis and periodontitis. Medical research has shown studies that gum disease is an element at the base of a higher mortality following cardiovascular diseases.

Keep your weight in check
Weighing often allows you to realize if you are gaining weight and to run for cover before it becomes a serious problem. Obesity and overweight are in fact enemies of longevity. In order to keep the weight under control, it will then be necessary to pay attention to nutrition to the advantage of more conscious and healthy food choices.

Red wine and coffee
According to prof. Marklund should not be forbidden to enjoy a few glasses of red wine (9 glasses a week for women, 14 glasses a week for men) and a few cups of coffee (3-4 cups a day).

Remove stress and worries
Succeeding in abandoning worries and negative thoughts helps you to live better and longer. Stress is one of the main factors that worsen and reduce life.

Love and friendship
Loving, being loved, hanging out with friends and having fulfilling relationships are the basis of a long and happy life. Cultivate relationships with others and spend time with loved ones.

Time for yourself and for relaxation
Never neglect your needs: take time for yourself, learn to relax, pamper yourself, free your mind.

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