Marriage: some ideas of makeup for the guests

Marriage: some ideas of makeup for the guests

With the summer the wedding season begins. Find out about the latest trends on Tipsforwomens and find inspiration for the perfect make-up for a wedding party

Being invited to a wedding is one of the most enjoyable eventualities of the summer: be it a fairytale wedding or an informal ceremony, the magic it brings with it is always the same.

However, it requires a certain commitment: not only will you have to think about formal wear, in line with the dress code, if it has been indicated, but also for wedding makeup. Let's see, then, how to wear makeup at a wedding.

Make up for the wedding: how to make up face and lips

The basic rule is always the same: don't overdo it. Not only for a matter of good taste – remember that, formal or informal, it is still a ceremony – but also because the bride is the protagonist to whom the whole scene should be left.

If you are the bridesmaid, you can get inspired by the style chosen by the bride to create a harmonious whole, or create your own. Whatever outfit you have chosen, the wedding makeup for the guest should be sober and able to bring out your beauty without noticing too much. However, also take into account the make up trends of the year, which could give you a hand in case you are in doubt about how to orient yourself.

With neutral shades you are never wrong and, in particular, they are an excellent choice for make-up for a summer wedding according to any type of clothing and color. In this sense, nude make-up can be strategic: a trick that enhances your natural beauty in such a delicate way that it seems like you are not there at all. These are light plays of light and shadows that give the skin a fresh appearance and a brightness to the eyes that enhances the color.

If nude makeup is an excellent solution for makeup for daytime weddings, the downside is that it is not at all easy to make, due to the delicacy and the wise balance of shades with which it should be applied. Basically, you always need a good moisturizer suitable for your skin type, to apply at least an hour before applying make-up so that it is completely absorbed. Even the cocoa butter should be spread in the same circumstance.

If you have large pores, you could use a good facial primer locally. Foundation is not always essential, especially if your skin has no obvious defects: a good concealer could be sufficient, also because in general it is more difficult for you to do without it. Above the corrector you can then even out the complexion with a powder.

For a ceremony in sunlight you can choose a color palette that is brighter than opaque. In the evening, you can dare a little more, provided you don't overdo it. The tones can be brighter and to match the dress or accessories. Evening wedding makeup shouldn't be too bright, even to avoid unpleasant flash reflections.

For the lips it is better to choose a lipstick that emphasizes the forms without exaggerating with the colors. A classic red illuminates the face in excellent combination with nude makeup, better opaque than glossy.

The dull red lipstick is perfect for a sophisticated and elegant look. Source: 123rf

The shades of fuchsia and pink are good especially in the summer season, while a nuance tending to burgundy or plum can be daring in a period closer to autumn-winter.

Wedding make up: how to make up your eyes

As far as eye makeup is concerned, an excellent solution can be to combine the eye shadow with the colors of the clothes, especially if you have chosen pastel shades. By day this choice makes a lot especially in a romantic way, while in the evening it may be less elegant. Remember that if you have chosen a nude make-up the attention will focus mainly on the eyes and it will be important to make them stand out by enhancing their natural color.

The wedding make-up for brown eyes finds excellent allies in shades of brown: the warmest tones, from ocher to scorched earth, are perfect if you have equally dark hair, while colder tones, which fade towards aubergine or towards gray, they are more suitable if you have light hair. Also the shape of the eye has its importance: a black eyeliner can be strategic to lengthen the eye leaving all the attention to the iris hazelnut.

Makeup for brown eyes in shades of bronze with a line of eyeliner. Source: 123rf

If you have green eyes, you can choose according to the intensity of your color. The wedding make-up for green eyes offers many possibilities: if your eyes are very clear you can combine pastel colors, from purple to green, while if they are darker you could play with shades of brown to black.

Makeup for green eyes in shades of purple with eyeliner line. Source: 123rf

Finally, the makeup for blue eyes. Colored sky or deep sea, the blue eyes alone transmit a particular magnetism that a skilled make up can make even more evident. In addition to the classic blue pencil and eye shadows in various shades of blue, wedding makeup for blue eyes can be based on high-impact alternative solutions, in which black will be the protagonist, or on a timeless nude. Also in this case a definite touch of eyeliner draws the eye and highlights the shades of blue.

Nude makeup for blue eyes, natural effect. Source: 123rf

If you are wondering if the smokey eyes make-up for a wedding is suitable, know that it could be a particularly good choice provided that it maintains a good balance with the lips and the face. You have to blend it very well so that you don't see lines or signs of any other kind: you'll get a special and sober make-up from a perfect guest.

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