Martina Colombari escorted by a beautiful bodyguard: her son


Martina Colombari walking around Milan with an exceptional bodyguard: the 17-year-old son Achille Costacurta, who now surpasses her in size and height

Martina Colombari, Billy Costacurta and their love:

Martina Colombari, Billy Costacurta and their love: “We, imperfect parents”

Martina Colombari strolling through the shopping streets of Milan escorted by a handsome and beautiful bodyguard: her son Achille, born in 2004, had by her husband Billy Costacurta.

Martina and Achille, very close, were paparazzi while walking arm in arm in the center, and then stopped to greet some friends, with the mask slightly lowered, while maintaining a safe distance.

Martina Colombari and her son Achille walking around Milan

Achille Costacurta: “Lively, stubborn and impatient with the rules”

Achille is the only child of Martina, the fruit of love with Alessandro (Billy) Costacurta, married in 2004. Handsome as mom and dad, the boy has a lively, determined and very stubborn character. Martina Colombari has in the past described her son as “outgoing, sunny, very stubborn and intolerant of the rules” but also “very generous”. Adding that “he is not exactly the model child that every parent would want …”.

Martina Colombari and her son Achille Costacurta

Achille Costacurta: the social complaint of the beating

In May 2021, Achille had denounced the “abuse of power” of some policemen against him, guilty of having beaten him wildly, so as to cause him to perforate an eardrum, just because he had called them “cops”. “This is what the police do to a 16-year-old boy,” he wrote on some IG stories, showing a series of photos testifying to the struggle (blood stains on a shirt and some bruises on the wrists and arms). “They beat me and punctured my eardrum and I only have to operate for having called them ‘cops’. Enough abuse of power “

Achille Costacurta, fashion addicted ed influencer

Achille Costacurta has always had a passion for fashion and on social networks he can be seen showing off designer and trendy clothes. He seems to be as little interested in football as he is in school: in fact, he would have decided not to continue his studies to cultivate his passion for cooking. Inheritance, perhaps, of the maternal genes of Romagna.

Martina Colombari and Achille Costacurta walking around Milan

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